| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff


Pulling an all nighter

It’s the only time I’m awake early enough to get McDonald’s breakfast.



How many times have I said I’m going to do an assignment or project? At least 100. How many times have I done said thing? Zilch.


Smooth sailing

After next semester I will have 22 credits left to complete over three semesters to reach the required 120. I think I may end up graduating with a surplus of unnecessary courses under my belt.


I ain’t even mad bro

Yesterday I was stood up for an interview, got a $50 parking ticket from WSU and was mistaken for a high school student hoping to become a Coug when I got trapped in a prospective student tour group. But I’m graduating as a proud Vandal in a month and starting some grand adventures so I’m over it.


SPJ conference

I don’t know if I am the best person to be included on a panel discussion about how to be a good reporter in a crisis situation. But, I will employ the same technique I’ve used for months here in the newsroom — fake it till you make it.


The Hole, part 3

For the people lived and loved, but the bird just loved his brain. The people knew love, death and justice, but to

him it looked so mundane.


The thunder lizard

I may not be an avid follower of dinosaur news, but I still enjoy knowing that Brontosauruses were a real

species, and not just wrongly classified Apatosauruses.


The Masters

It’s finally here! If you don’t love golf, well then, I don’t love you. Watch it and appreciate the true beauty of the game.



I’m excited to have you here for our pre-Mom’s Weekend mom’s weekend.


Rand Paul

Excited to see him in the race, but he doesn’t compare to Ted Cruz. It’ll be interesting how these two battle it out in any case.


That’s cool

It’s not everyday you walk into a classroom to find a state leader waiting to speak to your class. Say what you will about Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, but damn that guy knows how to engage a classroom. It was a fascinating class, to say the least.


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