| 03.24.2018

Summer soundtrack


Summer is almost here, and this means beaches, parties and all around fun. As we know, the ultimate companion piece to summer fun is great, feel-good music. Here are six albums that perfectly embody summertime.

Bradley Burgess

Bradley Burgess

“Talking Dreams” by Echosmith

Now that the Sierota siblings, aka Echosmith, have reached critical mass with their hit “Cool Kids,” their debut album will receive a lot of earned attention. With fun, upbeat songs like “Talking Dreams,” “Let’s Love” and “Come Together,” this peppy album will put anyone in a good mood and should be played at every beach party.

“The 1975” by The 1975

The new wave synth group The 1975 pull out all the stops for a fun dance album. Soaring anthems like “Heart Out,” “Chocolate” and “Girls” drive up the energy, and isn’t that what summer’s all about?

“Musicforthemorningafter” by Pete Yorn

For rock fans, Pete Yorn’s classic debut is a prime example of great music. From rock blasts like “Life On a Chain” and “For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is),” to slower grooves like “On Your Side” and “EZ,” this is one rock star you won’t want to pass up.

“Making the Grade” by Diffuser

Even though the title and cover art suggests school blues, this bombastic album showcases Diffuser’s taste for razor sharp guitars and pounding drums. After hearing “Only In the Movies,” “I Wonder” and “Far and In Between,” you’ll be ready to take on the world, making it the perfect primer for summer vacation.

“Damage” by Jimmy Eat World

On their newest album, Jimmy Eat World, best known for punk rock classic “The Middle,” break out a new creative spirit that pays off big time. “No, Never,” “Lean” and “Appreciation” are just some of the newest additions to Jimmy Eat World’s catalog of greats and your summer playlist.

“Danger Days” The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance’s final album was a concept album set in a dystopian future that put the band into the shoes of the Killjoys, who liberate society with killer tunes like “Party Poison,” “Bulletproof Heart” and “The Only Hope for Me Is You.” The band went out with an epic album that deserves to be blasted through speakers.

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