| 03.20.2018

A race to remember


Students should pay attention to ASUI presidential election

Last year, current ASUI President Nate Fisher was the only choice. This year he is one of many.

Fisher is running for reelection against former ASUI President Max Cowan and a third candidate, current ASUI Director of Diversity Affairs Vivian Gonzalez.

With three extremely qualified candidates each offering a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, the position of ASUI president is up for grabs.

While The Argonaut has been critical of minute details related to campaigning, this election will be one for the books. Students should be excited about the enthusiasm and experience displayed by this year’s candidates, and pay close attention to what is sure to be a competitive race ending in a close call.

All three candidates are serious, experienced and represent different parts of the student body. They deserve the attention of students, as well as the few minutes it takes to vote in the ASUI elections.

The three presidential candidates have served a combined 15 semesters in ASUI, and that’s not even taking into account their vice presidential running mates who have all served multiple semesters in ASUI.

All three of these candidates are qualified for the position and have the potential to do a great job as president, making this race anyone’s game.

This doesn’t mean students should use the high quality candidates as an excuse to not pay attention to the election process. Despite the candidates’ competency, they are all different in their views and priorities.

Unlike most years, there is not a clear choice in this election. All of the candidates could bring change, new ideas and innovative leadership to ASUI.

Usually the student body is forced to choose between a qualified candidate and a student who had never stepped foot in the ASUI office, or they only had one choice at all. This year, voters have a tough decision ahead of them and it’s not one they should take lightly.

Rather than voting for their friends or based on living group affiliation, voters should take the candidate platforms and open forum comments into serious consideration, review the voting guide inside The Argonaut and make their choice based on the issues they most agree with and the students they feel will best represent their interests.

It is more important than ever for students to be aware of each of the candidate’s platforms and stay invested in this year’s race. And with the voting process made even easier with the introduction of email ballots, there is no excuse for students not to vote.

— EB

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