| 03.21.2018

Off the cuff



Lots of writing and even more reading, but I think I’m going to survive this semester. Can’t wait to start next year!


Potato girls

This one is for Argonaut Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Krasselt. Not only have you been a terrific leader for all of us journos, but you have been an amazing friend. I don’t think you get enough credit for all of the great work you do. Please enjoy winter break and I can’t wait to kick ass with you next year!


Big Bang Theory

Apparently, in the Czech Republic, scientists have created a laser simulation of asteroids colliding with Earth. They discovered RNA after the simulation, so that’s pretty neat.


Not so ‘Eaten Alive’

After failing to live up to the hype and be eaten alive by an anaconda over the weekend, stuntman and naturalist Paul Rosolie is receiving backlash. He decided against being the snake’s meal, after he felt like his bones were about to break. What did you think was going to happen, buddy?


Blindly following

When will certain people open their eyes and realize that their leaders don’t have our best interests at heart all the time? They tortured people, they were cruel and worse it was all for not. We should punish the CIA.


Last-minute advice

Good luck on final exams, travel carefully and have a fantastic holiday. Thank you for reading The Arg this semester, and I look forward to next year.


Getting sentimental

Thankful for everything I have learned and experienced this semester. However, I’m perhaps more grateful that it’s coming to a close and the year is halfway over.


Star Wars

The U.S.S. Ponce has a laser weapon, and it works. Of course, the big question is: What will this mean for laser tag?


Laser Battleship

Now that the U.S.S. Ponce has a laser, Laser Battleship is a game begging to be made. Imagine the

strategy of Battleship combined with the fun of laser tag. Make it so, Hasbro.


One more week

Can’t wait to be home with friends and family. But most importantly — I get to catch up on sleep.


Hakuna Matata

It means no worries.


The shed

Lock me in a practice room and I’ll see you in January.


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