| 03.18.2018

Sports briefs


Men’s hockey club let’s Vandals get on ice

Opportunities for men to play hockey in college in the United States are few, but the club level of hockey provides many high school hockey players the chance to keep playing their sport. Idaho is one of those schools that offers men’s club hockey, and it has become a popular club at Idaho. The club season is once again in full swing for the Vandals, and is about halfway through. The men’s team currently stands at 3-5, but just had a key 12-6 win over rival Washington State Saturday. It was Idaho’s first home game and attracted over 400 spectators — a number usually unheard of for club sports. The team also has played against other northwest teams like Gonzaga, Eastern Washington, Oregon State and Western Washington.

Women’s hockey club going strong

The Idaho women’s club hockey squad is almost halfway through its season and holds a respectable 4-3 record with a tournament championship as well. The team is made up of seasoned veterans like Brianna Smith, Marla Francis, Alena Cenis, Jenny Mattson, and Charlotte Hawes, as well as leading-scorer Lizzie Legossie who has been with the team for several years. With the veteran leadership, the Vandals have had a good season so far. They lost all three games in their first tournament, but Liz Brown, club president, said they were in a bracket too tough for their skill level. Nonetheless, the next tournament in the Tri-Cities went perfectly for the Vandals, as they won all four games and came away with the championship. Idaho still has a tournament at Washington and another one in Lewiston with Washington State in February.

Ultimate Frisbee club starts rebuilding year

The Idaho ultimate Frisbee club is coming off one of its best seasons, but lost a lot of talent for this year when the season begins in January. Mike Beacham, club president, said he expects them to be “middle of the line” this year. Throughout the fall the Vandals have been working in “practice mode” to get ready for competitive play this January, when they will be in a plethora of tournaments on the West Coast. There are scheduled games against Montana, Boise State, Whitman, Washington, Washington State and Gonzaga, along with tournaments in Corvallis, Oregon, Seattle, Spokane, Boise and one more possible tournament with a location that has yet to be determined. Each tournament consists of eight games. Idaho will also host a co-ed tournament here in Moscow and another one in Walla Walla, Washington. Beacham said to watch for Haden Powell, Andrew Hendrickson, Austin Anderson and Andrew Bobak to lead the team this year.

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