| 03.20.2018

Off the cuff



No, it’s not as good as the critics or anyone says. It pales in comparison to the Rod Serling classic.



Pro Tip

Before applying for a scholarship, grant, job or anything that results in you receiving money, make sure that all of your information is correct and that your voicemail is not full. You may have received the job of your dreams, but will never know if the business cannot contact you.




Go to class, work hard, meet cool people and challenge your beliefs. Do these things and you’ll have a good time.



My advice

Enjoy this last bit of summer before school starts. The next four years will go about 8 billion times faster than you think, so take the time to enjoy every second.



Summer is over?

Wait, what? Classes are starting again? I thought they just finished? I haven’t even gotten a vacation yet!! Where’s my lawyer?!



Home field advantage

I’ve heard stories about how loud the Kibbie Done used to get, but have yet to witness it. Please support the Vandal football team and make this happen.



Small talk

Though the weather is obscenely hot right now, I still try and enjoy it, because these days are numbered. The ice age will be back before we know it.



Go for it

Join a club, take a sculpture class, audition for a play, have some adventures. This is probably the best opportunity you’ll have to try new things, so make the most of it.



Started at the bottom

Now you’re here … back at the bottom. But don’t worry freshmen, college is fun and you won’t have to start paying off your college loans for four or five years.



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