| 03.18.2018

Off the Cuff


Last OTC
Thanks to Shawn O’Neal and all of the Arg staff past and present for making my two years at UI totally incredible. I love you all. I promise I’ll visit.


Mine always are spent working jobs. At least this year I’ll be working at a job I’m passionate about


San Sebastian
I can’t wait to walk on your beaches and make all my friends in Idaho jealous.



The Arg
My time with The Arg has been the most awesome thing ever happened to me in college. Now that I am graduating, I just want to give shout outs to Student Media advisor Shawn O’Neal and everyone in the crew to give me a chance to improve myself. I’ll miss the good times and always remember the good memories. In fact, I’m staying here over the summer, so not quite for a good bye.


Forever grateful
I came to UI five years ago as a snobby Californian. I’m still a snobby Californian, but one who is forever for the eye-opening experience that Moscow and the university gave someone who was accustomed to warm weather, diversity and traffic. In many ways, I needed it and now, I part ways with the University of Idaho having had the best experience of my life. Go Vandals.


As the year comes to a close, I realize that I have so much to be grateful for, even if it is the little things. Knowing that I have such supportive people in my life (even if they’re miles away) and that I’m pursuing not only my passion, but something I’m good at, gives me confidence that the future is very bright. Now give me my freckles and blonde hair back, Moscow, I miss them.


Sweeping the competition
Arg writers Sean and Theo swept the sports awards in the student category for 2013 by the Idaho Press Club. We’ll miss those guys next year but it’s nice to know I’ve been working with two of the best sports writers in the state for the past three years.



Step out
Spend this summer seeking adventure, learning new things, and causing a little trouble. Three months will fly by and those of us non-graduates will be back into the swing of another semester before we know it.


I am happy that the school year is over, but I am sad that so many seniors are graduating and moving on to better things.


A long summer
Still don’t know what I’m doing. So stop asking me.


So long UI
It’s been real. At one point, I might even miss you.



It’s almost swimsuit season, and my porcelain skin isn’t prepared for the inevitable sunburns.


Is it summer or the rainy season?

Can’t decide if I should be wearing shorts or a raincoat.


Blazers and pencil skirts
Gearing up for my summer internship in Washington D.C. Though I’m excited to return as news editor in the fall, I might be a little more excited at the possibility of running into Barack Obama or Joe Biden on a daily basis.


Summer fun

Vacations, internships, going home to Seattle — not my thing. I’m going to try this thing called summer school out, heard it’s really fun. School work and golf … lot’s of golf, will be my summer.



I love watching Moscow come to life in the spring, but it’s making me miss my family’s garden a little. I’m definitely looking forward to going back home and planting some things.


Flying by

This year went by so quickly. I’m practically a senior now. Unbelievable.



Stay cool Moscow, I will see you in August.



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