| 03.18.2018

Off the cuff — Quick takes on life from our editors



I have big plans of applying for internships and jobs, but we will see if that actually happens.


Merry Christmas

Wishing all of our readers a good recovery from this past semester and a Merry Christmas.



I will probably never understand why people hate on selfies. It’s literally just a photo. That you happen to take yourself. Isn’t everyone always complaining about how millennials are lazy and dependent? Not so. We take our own damn photos.


Getting tan

I will probably get tan over the break.



Had my last class of the semester today, and I have ZERO finals. Feels good to be done.



The fact that Led Zeppelin is now on spotify is the only thing making this night bearable.


The piano room

Listening to the Legend of Zelda soundtrack in the piano room is the ultimate kind of nostalgia. To the dude who was playing the piano, you’re awesome.


A week late

It’s kind of annoying when all my friends at WSU, UW and EWU are getting out this Friday, but I have to stick around Moscow for an extra week. Don’t worry guys I’ll be back West soon.


Holiday break

At this point, my only plan for break is sleep. Lots of sleep. But hopefully I’ll have time for friends and family as well.


Skis up

It’ll be a Heavenly week in Lake Tahoe with my family in a few weeks. No literally, Heavenly is the name of the resort. It’ll be awesome regardless.


Over the hill in the internet age

Apparently the internet thinks turning 21 means I’m ready for retirement. I’ve started receiving spam emails and advertisements for walk-in tubs, life alert and 55-and-older singles clubs.


Break accomplishments

Nothing . . . absolutely nothing.


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