| 03.20.2018

Off the cuff



Two final presentations, two design projects, a final exam and a final essay to go. It’s tough, but I am surviving.



Dead week

We’re almost to the home stretch. Just got to keep grinding.



Facebook knows too much

Today my Facebook asked me if I wanted to see my 2013 year. It is truly amazing how much can happen and change in a year. As I get older the years seem to go even faster, so I’m taking this as a reminder to slow down and enjoy everything as much as I possibly can because you never know where you’ll be in a year.




Group projects

Don’t like them. If I’m doing a project on my own at least if I bail on the meeting I set up, it’s my own fault when my grade suffers.



Expensive procrastination

Never wait to buy holiday plane tickets. They get pretty darn expensive.



Disney World

It is calling my name. And it sounds so, so sweet. Sadly, I’m too poor to answer.



Flew by

I can’t believe how fast this semester went. It always feels so slow, and all of the sudden it’s dead week.



Alex Morgan

Crushing unrealistic dreams of males worldwide since Dec. 9, 2013.



Christmas sweater

Does anyone have an ugly christmas sweater I can borrow this Saturday?




I love exploring buildings on campus, I always find hidden classrooms or random staircases. It’s a good time.




Forgot my UI accounts password, because why wouldn’t I?


WTF, Denny’s

I am wondering why the Moscow Denny’s used several pictures of female models dressed as Supergirl and Superman to advertise their recent free showing of “Man of Steel” — despite Supergirl or a female Superman not actually appearing in the movie.


Coach Pete

If anybody is going to get UW back to Pasadena where it belongs, Chris Petersen will be the one. Welcome to Montlake, coach



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