| 03.18.2018

Moving forward


The University of Idaho’s ongoing formation of a new classification and compensation system is still in the process of implementation — as those working on the project continue to make progress and clarify the system for UI staff.Human Resources Executive Director Greg Walters said Sibson consultants, Human Resources, and UI leaders are collaborating with each other and UI staff members to address concerns and questions about the system and move toward a comprehensive appeals process, which places staff positions in certain grades based on duties and responsibilities. Additionally, the appeals process will be used to answer questions raised about particular positions.

“Our goal is to have the collaboration process done by Jan. 1,” Walters said. “This is an extremely tough project that is emotionally charged. People can take this very personally and, inevitably, a lot of people pay attention to the process.”

The deadline for appeal applications was extended, but has not been solidified. Walters said the deadline will most likely be some time in January.

This is Walters’ fifth time implementing a classification and compensation system, and he said that while it is difficult, it is a necessary action to achieve fairness in staff positions and pay.

“I admire President Burnett and Provost Aiken’s willingness to work so diligently on this,” Walters said. “I’ve seen more involvement here at UI than any other time I’ve worked on other class and comp systems.”

Walters said more clarity was achieved Dec. 4 and he expects there will continue to be various reactions and feedback.

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