| 03.17.2018

Off the cuff


Public Service Announcement

The Onion is a satirical “news” source. Meaning they use humor (irony, wit, outlandish exaggeration, etc.) as a means of commentary on issues ranging from dinner foods to feminist thought to athletics to war. Meaning the stories are not real. Shocking, I know.


Secret Email

So it turns out I have a @uidaho.edu email address that I never knew I had, and I’m still not sure why. Looking through emails sent to me over the last two years but I never received until now was fun.



I don’t mind snow because it’s sparkling and very pretty. I do mind the cold weather, though, because I just can’t handle it very well.


Feeling good

Finals week is probably going to literally kill me, but I’m still having a good close to my semester



It’s not the cold that gets to me, it’s the wind chill.


Talking to air

Gotta love the strange stares from passerby when I laugh loudly while talking on my phone through the speaker on my headphones. No I’m not crazy.



When it comes to former professional athletes joining the ranks of the media. Personally, I think you must have some sort of background in the field (degree in mass communications) to get an immediate job at ESPN.


Fair Weather Vandal

The cold weather is so bad I overheard a freshman seriously consider transferring schools.



She totally gets the short end of the stick in the book of Esther. That chick was awesome.


Breaking bad

Just finished the final season. BEST. SHOW. EVER.


Here there and everywhere

I really hope I don’t forget my girlfriend’s birthday during the crush of the last few weeks of the semester.


Losing keys

Although I had to walk an extra half hour in single digit weather, I’m glad I found my only pair of keys where I accidentally left them. Crisis averted.


It’s super funny

Its always funny to walk outside after a shower and have icicles form on my hair.



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