| 03.18.2018

Campus tips


Watch out

Ice and slick snow often stick to campus walkways long after a snowstorm– make sure to watch out where you step. Landing on your back is no fun at all.


Bundle up

The crazy low temperatures will last through next Monday. Make sure to keep warm and don’t stay outside too long.


SUB water fountain

Fountain outside of the first floor bathrooms, the water in the SUB tastes like metal. You have been warned.


Traveling home

If you need a ride home for break, you should start making plans now. On a similar note, if you plan on living off campus you should start finding roommates ASAP.



Do not buy the textbooks for a class until after the first day and the professor specifically tells the class to buy the textbook.


Finals week

Even though there is a lot of free time during finals week, that doesn’t mean all of it is free. Don’t procrastinate and get some studying done first.


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