| 03.24.2018

Off the Cuff



How hard is it to get a milkshake around here? Seriously, I spent two and a half hours trying to get a milkshake in downtown New Orleans last night.

— Ryan 


Graduation has just got more interesting. I’m saying goodbye to my social life this semester in preparation for my last semester.

— Ricky 

Nerd out

I’m spending my birthday with my friends in New Orleans meeting new people and geeking out over journalism. Year number 23 is off to a great start.

— Kaitlin


 Rap God in it for the Applause

I’ve been spending a large amount of my time lately bouncing back and forth between new songs by Eminem and Lady Gaga. I’m weird…

— Andrew 

Bourbon Street

There’s nothing like it in Seattle…

— Sean 

Physical education

Adding a strength/conditional class and an abs/glutes class to the same day after barely working out all semester was definitely not a good idea #everythinghurts

— Stephan 


A tradition that started as a single party that was so much fun that they repeated it every year for decades!

— Aleya 

Change of Heart 

Is second semester junior year too late to change majors? Seeing other people get really passionate about journalism makes me passionate too. Why does this have to be a dying industry?

— Philip 

A dying industry

Not exactly. More of an industry in transition. Make the switch.

— Theo 

On the road

Headed out to Seattle for the weekend with the best of people.

— Tony 


I love you.

— Kaitlyn 

Can’t wait!

I can’t wait for the Halloween party I’m hosting tonight!

— Nurainy

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