| 03.19.2018

Off the Cuffs — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Head up

I believe Moscow becomes more interesting when you tilt your head up 15 degrees.


Ducked out

Putting on Duck gear Friday morning and won’t be wearing anything else until Monday. Autzen Stadium with my mother to watch Marcus Mariota and No. 2 Oregon will be the perfect escape this weekend.




I have one shelf all to myself in the pantry and when I open the door to grab lunch, I find an empty shelf. I just can’t get myself to go to the store.



Fantasy hockey update 

I’m 0-2….. That’s not going to help me beat Maxx Forde. I’m going to have to get back to a .500 win percentage to start talking smack again.



No place like home

Boise is ranked No.11 out of 100 best places to live by Livability.com. Since I am from Boise, I can now prove there is no place like home.



Inquiring minds want to know 

Did anyone ACTUALLY take cover under a desk or table for the earthquake drill UI sent out over email/phone? That’s what I thought.




The shutdown is over, the debt ceiling has been raised, and the GOP is getting hammered in the polls and in the news. Now if we can just avoid a credit downgrading I’m ready to chock this up to a win for America.



Academic calendar

Sometimes I wish UI’s academic calendar featured more breaks. Thanksgiving couldn’t be coming any slower.



New Orleans

I’ll be there in a week. Probably will bring up the Beast Quake a time or two. Go hawks.



It’s about process

A story isn’t just a story when it’s over and all the decisions have been made.




I wish I knew what being organized felt like. I bet its nice




Late night philosophical discussions make me want to spend my life just thinking about things. Too bad you can’t get paid for it and I’m stuck trying to pass p-chem.



 My midterm

While most students have midterm this week, mine is next week! The battle hasn›t yet begun.


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