| 03.20.2018

Off the — Quick takes on life from our editors



That is all. #gohawks


Transfer student problems 

That dangling 1.65 credits that stands between you and graduation but you aren’t sure you can handle an entire extra class.


Fall rainbows

I love fall colors. They appear almost overnight and when they do it’s absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy it because they’ll be gone just as quick, replaced by that gross white stuff that falls out of the sky.


Anarchy in the U.S.

If the government shutdown goes on for long enough, do the anarchists win?


A broken mug

The notorious blue ball in The Argonaut office shattered my special drinking cup tonight. Tony I blame you.


Broken elephant

Thanks Shawn for breaking the nose off of my porcelain elephant.



Tough last two weeks, but I’m so proud of the fight my Huskies showed. I’m all in for Sark.


Presidential forum

Why would UI plan an open forum for student input in middle morning when so many students have class? Not cool.


Yes or no?

Some questions just need a simple answer, either yes or no? because I’m sick of hearing maybe so many times. Yes?



That one week a year where it is still only Monday, yet you have done over a weeks amount of work.



I can’t remember the last time I wore my glasses. That’s a sign that I’ve been spending too much time in front of a computer screen…



I went and wasn’t scared once. That part was slightly disappointing, but with a group of awesome friends and rollercoasters you can’t really go wrong.


Here we go

Midterm stress is hitting me full force. Time to get down to business and hit the books.


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