| 03.20.2018

Divided we fail — University Judicial Council written Student Code of Conduct is unnecessary


In an already arduous process, the University of Idaho faculty senate requested that the University Judicial Council formulate a new draft of the Student Code of Conduct after some senators discovered issues with the proposal presented by the Dean of Students Office. 

The proposal, if seen to completion, could result in two competing versions of the Student Code of Conduct — in other words, a mess waiting to happen.

The proposed changes by the Dean of Students would remove the UJC — who currently handles hearings regarding student code violations — to make the code more administrative-based instead of legal-based.

The UJC was given the option to work independently or collaborate with the Dean of Students Office to create the new draft. The UJC needs to choose collaboration.

Having two different codes of conduct would add unnecessary hurdles to the already complex process. The Dean of Students is contacting student organizations, receiving feedback and making adjustments to the Student Code of Conduct. The possibility of a second, separate code will only lead to complications

Both the UJC and the Dean of Students Office have valid concerns regarding the code of conduct. But if the UJC develops a legal-based code and the Dean of Students sticks with an administrative-based code, the two will be almost impossible to merge.

Both need to come together from the start to develop a single proposal that will incorporate everyone’s concerns.

The Faculty Senate needs to work with the Dean of Students Office. If Faculty Senate, UJC and the Dean of Students Office fail to collaborate, a mediocre code will be the product.

With such a complex process, collaboration is necessary. The resolution should incorporate input from both the Faculty Senate and Dean of Students Office.

Otherwise, the procedure has the potential to get muddy. And with such an important issue, that’s the last thing we should have to deal with at this point.



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