| 03.20.2018

Off the Cuff — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Check your pulse

Breathing is always a good thing to remember to do.


Oct. 17

This country is becoming a running joke, but I don’t think anyone will be laughing when we default on our debt. This isn’t governance, it’s terrorism.



In good hands

Keith Price and Russell Wilson are my quarterbacks. Bumps in the road are only small obstacles in the long run for these guys. Football in Seattle will continue to ball out.



I’m broke

Four of my girlfriends’ birthdays are in October, and plus it’s almost Halloween. It’s sad to say but I’m officially broke.



Call me Ishmael

The fly in the Argonaut office has become my White Whale. I will hunt it down and kill it before it annoys anyone else. My next step is to convince Theo that we can afford a tiny harpoon gun in this year’s budget.



Thanks, Obama 

I took a look at the ACA exchanges and saw that, for the first time, my family is actually able to afford health insurance. I know the law isn’t perfect (what law is?), but I can sleep at night knowing we won’t be in financial ruin if we have a medical emergency.



 Donald Birx

Today is the day the first candidate for the next UI president will be on campus. Take advantage of the opportunity to see who could be leading UI. This is your chance to be involved in the process. Don’t waste it.



Sniffles and scantrons

Sickness and tests don’t mix well. Stay healthy everyone.




The Hawks and Vandals lost this weekend. Hope next week is a little better on the sports end of things.



Go Cards

It wasn’t a great overall weekend for Vandal athletics but at least my Cardinals won on Monday. I can’t wait for game five against the Pirates in the MLB divisional playoffs.



Where’s Bessie?

Seriously, I miss having the recycling program in the commons. I guess they were lying when they said the recycling program would be back in August.



A fair warning

I suggest that anyone who cares about their well-being not come around Sean and I this week. All out warfare.



Go away

Lets skip all this cold wind and rain, and begin having the snowfall.


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