| 03.18.2018

Off the Cuffs — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Love it

It’s awesome when my mom comes down. Things always seem cleaner after she leaves.


NCAA and newsroom collide

Decided to start redshirting Arg. employees. This has to be the biggest step I’ve taken as EIC thus far.



I can see clearly now

I’ve worn some sort of corrective lenses every day for the past three months. For those who know me, that’s a pretty big deal.



Grobanite for life 

This weekend. Seattle. Floor seats. Six rows back. It’s happening.



Heading North

I think I’m going to take advantage of my Canadian heritage and move to Canada before it’s too late.



Star Trek and newsroom collide

If Captain Lawson is going to start redshirting Arg. employees, then the Arg. mortality rate is going to skyrocket. Hopefully, the editorial staff will be part of the bridge crew. If not, beam me up Scotty!



Time management

College students often say that they’re busy, with this and that and many other things. But then, they end up procrastinating priorities. Time management is the answer to this messiness, which I learned in my senior year. Yes, this will be the most helpful skill you will ever have when you’re in the real world.



Live music

It was a good week for jazz on the Palouse.



Season 2

Until House of Cards returns I will have to amuse myself with the House of Turds.



My new office mug

I really love my new newsroom mug. It has my name in Korean and a picture of my cat




After this week, a trip to Boise is definitely needed.



Being sick sucks

I feel like I’ve been going in slow motion all week…



Too much caffeine

I can’t write without a shake in my hand. Drinking a whole pot of coffee probably wasn’t a good idea.


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