| 03.21.2018

Off the cuff


Facebook TMI

Facbook is not your diary. If complaining about your friends is the only thing you want to share with your hundreds of Facebook friends, you have problems.


Uggs and Yoga pants

This is how I know it is fall. Not by the changing leaves or the colder weather, but by the abundance of yoga pants and Uggs on campus.


Uggs and Yoga pants 

My only motivation to get up and go to campus in the morning.


You didn’t say the magic word

I just watched “Jurassic Park” for the fifth time and it is just as awesome as it was the first time I watched it. I still have to watch my back for those velociraptors sneaking into my kitchen, but that’s what pepper spray is for, right?


With lime

I treat my sore throat by drinking hot tea with lime. I drink it at least twice a day, and so far my throat is getting better. It actually tastes quite good too.


Just a friendly reminder…..

4-0 #gohawks


Congressional Republicans

It’s nice to know they care about the future of our country enough not to pick futile fights over a law that actually helps millions of Americans and to not put the livelihoods of some 800,000 government employees on the line in order to try and win that fight. Oh, wait.


Thanks Obama!

Is it bad that I’m smiling as we get closer to a shut down? Maybe, but the thought of a midterm election after the House shuts down the government just makes me so giddy. One last hurrah for the crazy legislators before America wises up and bounces them out of office. Of course 36 percent of Americans believe Obama would be to blame, so there’s that…



Passwords I have to remember at least 16 different passwords on a weekly basis but the only phone number I have memorized anymore is my own…


College tip

A sweaty teddy from the bagel shop will make all stress and worries go away


When life gets tough…

…skip differential equations class. (Actually don’t.)


Doing it right

When you have so many amazing good things and people in your life that the bad things seem so incredibly trivial, life is pretty awesome.


An interesting concept

Pretty unfortunate when the university has to bribe students with snacks and raffle tickets to get them to come in and write thank you cards to people who donate thousands of dollars for their scholarships.



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