| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff 3/29


Fun Fact
Starbucks doesn’t stir your coffee unless you ask them to. Apparently they’re supposed to pour the milk fast enough to stir it, but that doesn’t always work.


Fun Fact
Don’t go to Starbucks.



the draw at Azteca Wednesday and the subsequent ESPN ratings numbers show just how far the sport of soccer has come in our country.


No, the red equal signs all over social media aren’t going to change the ruling of the Supreme Court. But it does show support and solidarity for our brothers and sisters who deserve the basic human right being denied to many of them ­– the right to commit themselves in marriage to the person they love — regardless of that person’s sex.


Bigger and better things
  Never thought I would be leaving Moscow as soon as August. But I could not be more happy to say sayonara to Idaho.


I’ve worked hard this week and accomplished a lot of school work. Just patting myself on the back.


To the playoffs

The women’s WAC Championship was a huge victory for the whole university, but I think the fact that Jour***Z in Paris won its second consecutive soccer game is a historic moment for student media that rivals their win.




I have discovered refreshers, and they have changed my life. So good.



Everybody should go to the Borah Symposium next week. It’s going to be sweet.


Second Chances
I recently received an email requesting that I audition for on a reality TV show about giving people second chances to do what they love with their lives. I bet they didn’t realize I’m only 19. Second chance? I’m still on my first.



I’ve missed you.


The melanin Factory is now open for business.


Mac & cheese
I appreciate a lot of attempts at “refined” mac and cheese, but I think they must put crack cocaine in Kraft because its all anybody really wants.

— Dylan

Started from the bottom, now we here
The Journal***Z in Paris are undefeated in Intramural Co-Rec soccer. At 2-0, we have more wins than the football team had last fall.

— Theo


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