| 03.20.2018

Off the cuff


So much work, so little time. I need to buckle down and get things done.


As long as we keep avoiding it, I’ll be happy. Moscow is great in the spring, unless that white stuff tries to mess it up.


Azteca will fall

Come Wednesday we will all live in a drastically different world – one where the United States will have beaten Mexico in the fortress. #DontTreadOnUs


Channeling my inner child
  Today my lunch consisted of a PB&J sandwich, apple slices and chocolate milk. I miss being 5.


  I find at least 15 minutes a day to nap with my cat Bengal.


Garden tomato and basil
Best potato chip flavor ever. It pretty much tastes like summer in a bag.



Monday blues

All in all, I will take my Monday. Grad school in Los Angeles here I come.




The idea of a quick weekend home to relax and see the family sounds about perfect right now.


‘Downton Abbey’

The melodramatic lives of upperclass Brits at the turn of the century? Definitely well into season two and there is no turning back.


Little peanut
I find out the gender of my sister-in-law’s baby in less than a week. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be an aunt.


Two thumbs

Who has two thumbs and cannot wait for porch beer season?


Lacrosse ball
I found a lacrosse ball behind the SprinTurf. If coach John Andrysiak sees this, I’m holding your ball for ransom until you buy me a beer.


Happy thoughts
I don’t have a mountaintop, but I do have a newspaper and I wanted to tell all of The Argonaut editors and staff members I love them and appreciate the work they are doing. You have made my senior year fabulous.

— Elisa


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