| 03.18.2018

Off the cuff — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Our Journ****sts in Paris intramural soccer team won the first game of the season. One more win and it’ll be our best record yet.
— Lindsey
Happy Birthday …
… To one cool dude. Saturday. I hope it’s ultra awesome.
— Katy
It’s times like these I wish I didn’t get my bike stolen on purpose.
— Molly
I Google searched “footie,” as in soccer, because I didn’t know if it was spelled with a “y” or an “ie” and discovered this little gem. It’s a combination of the world’s two most comfortable things: footie pajamas with a hood. I must have one.
— Britt
I own one, and let me tell you it’s the greatest piece of clothing I own. If only it were considered professional attire. Maybe Barney Stinson can create one that looks like a suit?
— Kaitlyn
The best place for new Hip-hop and we just got a U.S. soccer game. Is there a better place on earth?
— Sean
My kind of woman
I saw a lady with a Buddha, a Jesus and a pirate side by side on her dashboard Thursday. I want to be her friend.
— Kaitlin
Go Vandals
What’s the over-under on how long it will take for Disney to make a movie of the 2013 NCAA Championship Vandal women’s basketball team?
— Kasen
Five QBs will be competing for the starting role on the Idaho football team. Here we go again …
— Theo
Indie Night
It’s going down at 5 p.m. Sunday in the SUB ballroom. Go and support my fellow international friends in their best efforts to bring diverse culture to Moscow, Idaho.
— Amrah
I really want to be as cool as Roberto Benigini from “Life is Beautiful.” It would also be cool if I watched the movie again this weekend.
— Dylan
Time for history
Regardless of the result tomorrow, Idaho being back in the NCAA Tournament is historic. The future is very bright for this program, and can only get brighter with a win tomorrow.
— Madison
Welcome, freshies
I can’t believe it’s been five years since my parents left me crying on the sidewalk outside the Wallace Residence Center. College was scary at first, but it’s also been the time of my life. I hope all the incoming freshman are stoked to start their careers as Vandals.
— Elisa

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