| 03.19.2018

mix-tape – harlem shake


UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harle.m Shake

If the Harlem Shake could not get any weirder, a swim team led by a Stormtrooper in a Speedo starts the dance routine under water. And no, I am not kidding.

Harlem Shake (original army edition) 

A seemingly serene squad of Norwegian soldiers shakes their stuff to the Harlem Shake.

Harlem Shake Rambo the Cat Edition (original)

It’s a universal constant of the Internet that everything is better with cats. So when a group of eerily similar cats groove to the Harlem Shake, it’s hilarious.

Harlem Shake Idaho Phi Delta Theta (fraternity edition)

University of Idaho’s Phi Delta Theta Idaho Alpha fraternity sets the Harlem Shake to a typical classroom setting. Bonus points to the guy in the grey sweatshirt in the front after the bass drops, whose strange dance move/costume consists of reading a magazine.

Harlem Shake Theta Chi & Kappa Alpha Theta

Theta Chi & Kappa Alpha severely outclasses Phi Delta Theta Idaho Alpha’s attempt at a Harlem Shake. Way more superheroes dancing crazily adds way more interest to the music video.

Harlem Shake Washing Machine

A washing machine is destroyed in order to dance the Harlem Shake. This video also serves as its own version of Mythbusters to demonstrate what happens when you throw a brick in a washing machine.

Maryland Students Flash Mob and Harlem Shake

University of Maryland wins the award for most participation in a Harlem Shake during the halftime of a men’s basketball game. For extra enjoyment, the video also features a flash mob dance routine.

The Harlem Shake Nintendo Version – Nintendo Harlem Shake Ft. Mario

Mario and Luigi throw down the Harlem Shake Nintendo Style.

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