| 03.20.2018

Aleya Ericson

“The Hunting Ground” ends safety week

Discussion on sexual assault follows “Hunting Ground” showing The image of an empty chair greeted those who attended a screening of “The Hunting Ground” Friday evening at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre. Virginia Solan, University of Idaho coordinator of violence prevention programs, said the chair symbolized Katy Benoit, a UI graduate student shot and killed……

Spence the senator – ASUI Senator Spence starts off with a sprint

Despite only becoming an ASUI senator this semester, Zachary Spence already has a laundry list of ideas to improve life at the University of Idaho. “He started his first semester diving right in,” said ASUI President Max Cowan. “He”s always in the office and always working on something.” Even though his major is computer science,……

Wasted WSU controversy – WSU professors” word bans were understandable

Syllabus Week brought more than the typical boredom pandemic to Washington State University. When some Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies classes” syllabi discouraged the use of offensive terms, including “illegal aliens,” “female,” “male” and “tranny,” Internet mobs shrieked that WSU”s quality of education had suffered a dramatic decline. The uproar caused WSU administration to……

Slashing seats

Bills to eliminate multiple ASUI positions pass senate ASUI voted Wednesday night to eliminate multiple ASUI positions, including chair positions and two boards, in an effort to save approximately $7,650 per fiscal year. 

An eye for engineering

Students showcase capstone projects in 22nd annual Engineering EXPO The University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Team won big Friday at the 22nd annual Engineering and Design EXPO, the longest running student engineering showcase in the Northwest that features senior engineering capstone projects. “It’s a great opportunity for engineers of all sorts, and I would just……

Book signing by a local

Lewiston author signs new book for community at Hastings on Saturday Local author Al Halsey said although he’s still getting used to the idea of hosting a book signing, it’s easy to do it for the community he loves. “I’m from Lewiston, so I am just kind of getting my feet wet in the writer thing,” Halsey……

Sporting a gender divide

Differences between men and women still continue in sports Lacrosse has a reputation of being a violent, physical sport that requires the stamina and aggression of an action hero. At the end of “Mean Girls,” Regina George finally channels her rage into lacrosse and triumphantly bashes people with her stick as she charges down the……

Turtle race without the hare

Delta Delta Delta sorority wins Turtle Derby Turtle Swift, the racing turtle representing Delta Zeta sorority, won the final race of the day at the 57th annual Turtle Derby Saturday. Phi Delta Theta fraternity holds the Turtle Derby every year during Moms’ Weekend as the house’s largest philanthropy event. During the Turtle Derby, University of……

Eliminating waste water

Funding from Idaho enables further research into new wastewater treatment technology Researchers from the University of Idaho recently received $427,000 from the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission to test the feasibility of the latest version of a water treatment process called Nutrient, Energy, Water (N-E-W) Tech. “What we did is we looked at nature and said……

Welcoming women

UI to host conference for women to work on professional development According to Elissa Keim, director of development and learning staff, the goal of the all-day Women’s Leadership Conference on March 25 is to provide women in the community an opportunity for networking and professional development. 

Seeking security

UI adjunct faculty protest against working conditions More than 30 University of Idaho faculty, staff, students and supporters marched to the Administration Building in protest of the working conditions for adjunct faculty Wednesday afternoon. The march was part of the first-ever National Adjunct Faculty Walkout Day. Across the country, protests were held at college campuses……

Teaching diversity to leaders

Students to focus on diversity, inclusivity The first-ever Student Leaders Diversity Summit will take place from 5:45 – 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Vandal Ballroom in the Bruce Pitman Center, formerly the Student Union Building.

American controversy

Movies must stop changing history An Iraqi child’s life is on the line in the opening of “American Sniper.” The sniper in question is Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, who must decide if the child is indeed carrying a weapon and poses a threat to U.S. troops. Surprisingly, this tense scene is……

Leave medicine to experts

Anyone without a medical degree should  stop playing doctor There is something about revealing a medical diagnosis that turns the average listener into Dr. Gregory House. If one chooses to publicly disclose an ailment, most people feel the need to put on their best scowl, roll up their sleeves and discover the cure for the disease.……

Selling honor

A sales pitch for overachieving college students Are you an overachieving student? Do you fear that near perfect grades and hard work will get you nowhere in life? Then I have the perfect solution for you.

The fight over food

UI must improve campus eating options Pretty much all college students are locked in a mortal conflict with food. College food is either too expensive, too fattening or just takes too long to cook. To enable students to at least make it through their freshman year without having to apply hunting or gathering skills, the……

Horoscopes 9-12-14

Virgo 8/23-9/22 Take time to smell the roses today. Then steal the roses, so no one else can have them. MWAHAHAHA! Libra 9/23-10/22 Soon, some fool will advise you to shoot the moon. Ignore them. After all, what did the poor moon do to you?