| 03.20.2018

Off the Cuff


What the snow?

I get sunburnt in southern Oregon during spring break and come back to a blizzard in Moscow. Can it be summer now, please?

— Elisa


Go Vandals

Not only did I get to spend an amazing spring break in Vegas, but I saw the team I’ve spent the past five months with get their biggest win in 28 years. Onto the Big Dance, Vandals.

— Madison



I chopped my hair off on an impulse decision over break. My hair is healthy but it’s oh-so-weird to reach back and realize it’s all gone. Also, Go Vandals!



Back to school

Four days, three states visited and a little more than 1,000 miles driven. Now it’s time to graduate.




Go home weather, you’re drunk.




After being awake for 28 hours from flying across the globe, I am jet lagged. But it was oh-so-worth it.







No Regrets

In order to enjoy my spring break to the fullest, I purchased a last minute ticket to Lucky 2013 and broke the bank. I would be highly disappointed in myself if this was the third spring break I stayed in Idaho for. So glad I went. #noregrets




Extending your spring break by an extra week and a half makes coming back to school even more difficult, but I have no regrets.



Hey gurl heeeyyyy
I can’t believe graduation is in 53 days. #tooreal



Tourney time

I have consistently picked a 16 to beat a one seed ever since I was 10, and it feels awful sweet to make this year’s pick the WAC champion Vandals. #govandals



Last one

Enjoying my last semester here to the fullest. Couldn’t spend it with better friends in anywhere but the Pacific Northwest. Go Vandals!



Post-graduation advice

My public relations capstone class had the privilege of listening to Twitter’s Head of Agency and Brand Advocacy Melissa Barnes speak Monday. Her advice for soon-to-be college graduates: “work really hard and never underestimate yourself.” I’m finally starting to feel excited about graduation and the adventure ahead.




Went to 16 basketball games in three conference tournaments, saw 10 teams selected to the NCAA men’s tourney, and one from the women’s tourney. That one would be the Idaho Vandals. Beat the Huskies!



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