| 03.24.2018

Tower RAs investigated for sexual misconduct claim


Sparked by a Facebook post on the Tower Confession page, University of Idaho Tower Resident Assistants were investigated by the Dean of Students office concerning a claim of sexual misconduct.
“Somebody put something up, essentially ‘my RA touched me inappropriately.’ It was essentially accusatory of sexual misconduct,” said Craig Chatriand, associate dean of students. “Anytime we are made aware of an accusation of sexual misconduct, we look into that.”
Chatriand said because the post was anonymous and did not identify a specific Tower RA, all RAs had to be investigated, but there were two specific RAs tagged in the Facebook post comment section, so the investigation looked into them specifically.
Chatriand said after talking to RAs and students, he is positive nothing inappropriate occurred.
“It was posted to be funny,” he said.  “After talking to students they were mortified because they like the RAs so much.”
The Tower Facebook page has since been taken down.

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