| 03.19.2018

Off the Cuff — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Calling all groundhogs
Make spring come, already.
— Amrah R.I.P
Yet another young soul was taken from my hometown too soon. Rest in peace Shelby. Although I didn’t get the chance to meet you, it’s apparent you touched the lives of so many. I’ll keep my grieving Alaskan family in my thoughts.
— Britt
Call me crazy
But I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up in a place — and to continue to go to school in a place — where the arts are so celebrated. I may not have any of the talents considered in “the arts” but I do have an intense appreciation for them. Happy Jazz Fest.
— Kaitlyn
I have a reason to use hashtags. #HampJazz
— Katy
‘Poppin’ tags’
I’m so happy the Finals Fest lineup was announced. Too bad the only song I know is “Thrift Shop.”
— Sean
Jazz Fest
Make sure to tweet @uiargonaut using the #hampjazz hashtag if you see a great event or a tweet-worthy concert. Pictures and videos, too.
— Lindsey
Nap time
I’m so glad we have Molly-sized couches to sleep on in our office.
— Molly
My man Miles
One week a year I listen to the couple of Miles Davis albums I have — this is that week. I always forget how much I like the music, must listen more throughout the year.
— Madison
Social gender constructs
The ridiculous notion that it’s weird for boys to like princesses and sparkles and it’s equally as weird for girls to dislike them.
— Kaitlin
Calling for a boycott
Stuff I’ve learned about Sister’s Brew coffee shop recently frustrates me to a level I cannot even explain. Some people really are that ignorant.
— Theo
Remember that time it was Spring? Neither do I.
— Kasen
I love them but man do they strangle my creative process.
— Dylan
Dear sleep,
You and I should hang out more often. I feel like I don’t get to see you as often these days and our relationship is suffering because of it. Let’s change that.
With love,
— Phil
Best friend time …
… has become workout time. It’s sad but beneficial for our bodies that the only time we spend together is in the wee hours of the morning at the SRC. #prettyandsmart
— Elisa

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