| 03.18.2018

Born, unborn equally victims


President  Barack Obama presented his usual dose of liberalism in his State of the Union Address on Feb. 12. As such, nothing in his speech was surprising or unexpected.
That is,  until he said, “Of course, what I’ve said tonight matters little, if we don’t come together to protect our most precious resource: our children.”Obama used this statement to segue into his proposals on gun control, while referencing the tragic Newtown shooting in December 2012.
Again, no surprises with his proposals, but the fact he, a self-proclaimed “pro-choicer” equated gun control with protecting children disgusted me. That statement enunciated his hypocrisy on the value of life.
President Obama and the Democratic Party profoundly support Roe v. Wade, a 1973 Supreme Court case that made abortion legal in the U.S. How then can we believe that Obama or the Democrats want to protect children when they support the “right” of a woman to eradicate her child’s life in the womb? This doesn’t make sense.
Since Roe v. Wade, approximately 55 million unborn children have been aborted, according to the Guttmacher Institute and the National Right to Life Committee. Where is our president on this? If he is so avid on protecting “our most precious resource,” why does he not excoriate Roe v. Wade and initiate stronger abortion control?
After elaborating on his proposals, Obama continued.
“If you want to vote no, that’s your choice, but these proposals deserve a vote,” he said. “Because, in the two months since Newtown, more than 1,000 birthdays, graduations, anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun — more than 1,000.”
And about 55 million birthdays, graduations and anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by liberal ideologies. Talk about a double standard.
Guns are not the underlying threat to our children. Our dimmed moral status is the true problem. Think about it — we are a nation that has stooped to the impressive low of legalizing the murder of unborn babies.
Obama concluded, “Each of these proposals deserves a vote in Congress… [Hadiya Pendleton’s parents] deserve a vote; Gabby Giffords deserves a vote; the families of Newtown deserve a vote; the families of Aurora deserve a vote…and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote.”
Yes, President Obama, as do the unborn whose lives have been tossed away like bags of garbage. They, whose lives were wrongly ended in the womb with our government’s blessing deserve a vote.
There is no difference between born and unborn victims. They are humans, affected by the same tragic event: murder. Both the born and unborn deserve dignity and respect, and their fundamental right to life.
Who are we to play God?
If Obama and Congress truly seek to protect children, they need to rebuke and revoke Roe v. Wade above all else. Stopping the murder of children begins at home.
Andrew Jenson can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu

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