| 03.21.2018

Andrew Jenson

Approach stereotypes with humor

Stereotypes, generalizations should be laughed at, not taken seriously Stereotypes are funny. Why are we so afraid of them? Friday, the ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action set up a stand in front of the Idaho Commons for students to list stereotypes that offend them.

No big deal

UI students shouldn’t waste time on ASUI ballots In my four years here at the University of Idaho, I have not once voted in an ASUI election. I know it’s important to vote, even in the smallest elections, but it’s also important to choose one’s voting battles.

ASUI Candidates Speak Out

Presidential, vice presidential and senatorial candidates running in the 2015 ASUI elections presented their campaign platforms during an open forum in the Commons on Wednesday. The candidates present at the open forum included Max Cowan and Stetson Holman, Nate Fisher and Katie Cramer, Vivian Gonzalez and Izaiah Dolezal, Joe Madsen, Kailey Holt, Mark Leitner and……

Standing for faith

No apology needed for Sen. Nuxoll’s comments Following her protest of the first Hindu prayer in the Idaho Senate March 3, led by Reno cleric Rajan Zed, Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll of Cottonwood stated, Hinduism “is a false faith with false gods.” Nuxoll made it clear that she couldn’t pray to any false gods. Predictably, this……

The Chicago Boyz at Idaho – Compilation

The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team showed off their impressive acrobatic skills during half-time and post-game at the UI men’s basketball game Thursday. The Chicago Boyz have appeared on the hit show “America’s Got Talent” and became a semifinalist during the show’s eighth season.

Gun bill protects natural right

‘Constitutional Carry’ bill is commendable, needs stronger statement of purpose When it comes to the right to defend oneself, Idaho has been on the ball. Last year, it was allowing guns on college campuses. This year, it’s the “Constitutional Carry” bill, aka HB 89, which was introduced to the House State Affairs Committee Feb. 5.

Doctor who?

‘Doctor Who’  gender switch unacceptable, identities are important in characters Stories have always meant a lot to people, but they wouldn’t mean anything without the characters. Some characters are so iconic, they practically live in the real world just as much as in the fictional world.

Men’s Basketball – UI vs. UND

The University of North Dakota men’s basketball team beat the Vandals 71-63, leaving the Vandals at 2-4 in the Big Sky competition. This is the fourth straight loss for Idaho.

Friday Fiction: No greater love

He wished he’d died with his wife. Jonathan curled up in bed and did what he had done almost every night for the past five years — he reminisced about his wife’s death. He sorely missed Jean, and he hated himself for his choices.

The sins of the filmmakers

New Christian movies must avoid the mistakes of 2014 The booming voice of Charlton Heston declaring the glory of God in “The Ten Commandments” characterizes one of the few times audiences were wowed by the scope of a biblical film — and that was in 1956. Since then, many biblical films have followed, but have……

Woman up

Former UPS employee Peggy Young is in the wrong Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case, Peggy Young v. United Parcel Service. It’s a fascinating tale of love and loss, of greed and desire and one woman’s struggle to do nothing more than provide for her family — at least, according to the media.……

Petrino — Vandals vs. Trojans

The University of Idaho football team lost to the Troy University Trojans in a 34-17 defeat Saturday. Head Coach Petrino blamed himself for the loss and said the Vandals played like last year’s team.

The poison of feminism

Feminism is a destructive force in American society Blogger Matt Walsh, contributor to The Blaze, put it best: “feminism is poison.” It has done nothing less than destroy the heart of our nation — but that didn’t stop University of Idaho President Chuck Staben from proclaiming his undying support for it.

The Dream

Night encased the Earth. I’m on the edge of sleep, sweating and my arm was aching something terrible.

A glance at the Dean Of Students finalists

The finalists for the UI’s Dean of Students position, occupied by current DOS Bruce Pitman for over 40 years, have spoken to faculty and students over the past two weeks. Here’s a peek at what they had to say.

Arguing Scripture

Interpret bible as a whole in marriage debate Well, same-sex marriage is now legal in Idaho. No surprise there, it was bound to eventually happen. Already, couples have been married and the fight against legalizing gay marriage is considered a lost cause by many. Again, no surprise, but I still intend to fight it because……

Not another Pitman

UI shouldn’t seek to replicate current DOS Bruce Pitman A six-year-old boy named Calvin is seated at the dinner table. In front of him is a bowl of soup. He examines it and complains how much it isn’t like his mom’s. Mom’s way of setting the table and fixing food is better, he says. His babysitter, Rosalyn, who prepared……

Transport to the future

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx holds town hall event at UI, discusses future of transportation in America U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx visited the University of Idaho Wednesday to speak with students and faculty of the National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology (NIATT) about the future of transportation and the need for President……

From Roarin’ to Reagan

 QueerMusic event covered 20th century music of the LGBTQ community, contributions to society over six decades It influences and inspires us. It can make us leap for joy or wallow in sadness. Above all, it’s personal. No matter who you are, the music you listen to is essential to your identity.

Racism in the progressive era

Americans group themselves into separate cultures, do not act for true justice Someone reads about how black actress Daniele Watts was allegedly thought to be a prostitute — after publicly showing affection to her white husband — and detained by police Thursday, and concludes such actions were racially motivated. Someone else reads the same thing……

Movie Reel — Reboots and remakes

With the release of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” it’s time to look back at other bad reboots and remakes of nostalgic films and TV shows. There are so many films that fail to capture the essence of their source material and here is a countdown of some of the most mediocre and notorious offenders.

Myth-busting the college experience

Moving into a new environment is typically not very fun. You get so used to the old that the thought of moving on becomes both exciting and worrisome. Butterflies flutter in your stomach as you wonder what lies ahead. And thus begins the transition into college life – a brand new face in a seemingly……