| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff — Quick takes on life from our Editors


Sometimes you accidentally put season salt in your oatmeal instead of cinnamon.
— Britt

The little college student who could
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can survive this semester without a heart attack or an anxiety disorder. Trying to be positive and keep chugging along.
— Lindsey
Waitress ProTip #5683
When a girl (such as myself) is out with her husband on a Valentine’s Day date, it’s generally not socially acceptable for you to flirt shamelessly with him. No smokey eyes, breathy voice or “looks.” Especially when she’s the one leaving you a tip.
Not all the same
Recent reports done by a Boise TV station on the University of Idaho have exemplified the worst in journalism. Try to remember while some journalists might fail, we can’t all be lumped together for their mistakes.
— Katy
The perfect number of days for a weekend.
— Kaitlyn
Too late
Aw, thanks Facebook for reminding me, at 1 p.m. on Valentine’s day, that I should probably get my wife a gift. Good thing I beat you to it.
— Kasen
Phrase of the day
Horizontal hokey pokey: I didn’t know about this phrase until Thursday. Now that I do, I plan on using it frequently.
— Theo
Britt Kiser was here
There, made it easy.
— Amrah
I hate Valentine’s Day. But I love the idea of an Italian dinner date I won’t have to pay for.
— Molly
Seeking truth
In light of recent factually questionable stories about the drinking culture and Greek system at UI, it will be interesting to see what President Nellis’ appointed task forces reveal.
— Elisa
I am going to go the full Joe Namath: UI men’s rugby will beat the Broncos Saturday in Boise.
— Dylan
I’m currently formulating a plan of survival for the zombie apocalypse. It’s going to be awesome.
— Sean
One of those days
Those days when you don’t have time to breathe because you’re too busy. Yeah, that was Thursday.
— Philip
The Vandal women’s basketball team was able to raise more than $2,000 for the Light A Candle Foundation in the Hoops for Hope game Saturday. Thank you to all of those who came and supported the team and message.
— Madison

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