| 03.18.2018

Off the cuff



Why do I get strange looks from people when I tell them I like to wake up early on the weekend to watch A-League and Russian League soccer?




I’m dreaming of sunlight, sand, warmth and a body of water. It’s time for summer. I’m sick of this crap.



Three months

Before I know it, it’ll be May and time for me to be a real adult. How about six months instead?



It’s OK to cry

Especially if it’s something you’re passionate about … even if you are in front of 50 plus people, a third of whom are members of the UI administration.



Big decisions

Getting the green light to graduate three months out? Challenge accepted.



Success kid

I gave a ride to a hitchhiker from Pullman to Moscow last week. I was not serial killed and she gave me money for gas.



State of the Union

Thomas Jefferson didn’t deliver oral State of the Union addresses because he thought it was too monarchial, like the Speech from the Throne. But President Barack Obama is speaking live tonight so make time to listen.

— Elisa


Holy See you later

I feel like somebody should mention the Pope resigning. Also, I feel a little dirty for using that title.



Tourist voodoo

If you bag on tourists outside of Voodoo freaking Doughnuts, and then ask the line for directions, expect me to tell you the sandwich shop you are looking for is at least 15 blocks away.



Award season

I’m not one for award shows, but I do love the Grammys. It’s not often you get to see that many cool people perform in one show. If only I could see it in person.



Sucks to suck

I have no problem writing a 1,400-word sports feature, but pathetically, I have trouble coming up with the five to 10 word headline.



About time

Feeling like a real researcher — finally.



Shh …

Graduation destination confirmed. However, I am keeping it a secret until further notice.



‘The Walking Dead’

Okay. I’m hooked.


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