| 03.24.2018

Quick takes on life from our editors


Why do I waste five minutes of my life being told that the person I called is not available and then being instructed on how to leave a voicemail when I can (should) just text?
— Amrah Happy birthday
Happy birthday, Amrah Canul.
— Theo Not ‘Footloose’ without Bacon
Why is it that Hollywood insists on recreating classics? No one can ever replace Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer or John Lithgow — they are the movie and the story. What makes this remake even worse is all of these actors are still alive. C’mon Hollywood.
— Elizabeth Oooo I’m scared
I love when co-workers threaten me and the threats have no basis in reality or chance of coming true.
— Jens Did you know,
“Off with your heads!” can be a term of endearment.It’s true.
— Jake Finally
I’m happy to finally be updated to iOS5. It’s been months in the waiting. Also, happy birthday to my buddy Amrah.
— Madison The old college try
What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I think this is what college should be about. Taking chances, not worrying about your GPA.
— Jacob Instead of midterms
Fuzzy socks, fuzzy blanket, a book and hot coco. Yep.
— Rhiannon Magnetic poetry II
“a smile will always fill anything.”
— Vicky A small step
U.S.-based nonprofit organization Meds and Food for Kids makes a peanut butter paste that is packed with nutrients and helps treat children suffering from malnutrition. It is a lifesaving treatment with the ability to recuperate the systems of starving children. Peanut butter may be the hope Haiti needs and is another step on the journey to end world hunger.
— Elisa Nice and toasty
I have a fireplace at my house. It is cool, and warm. Get it?
— Nick A magical place
I can’t believe I didn’t discover Bucer’s Coffeehouse Pub before Monday. It’s my new favorite place to study because it reminds me of something I might find in Diagon Alley.
— Britt

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