Dec’d out like Joe Vandal

 UI departments dec out in the spirit of homecoming

Playing close to the heart

Alpha Phi sorority holds soccer tournament to raise money for women’s heart health

Olympic caliber hype

Students have fun and get pumped for homecoming at the Olympic Village


Olympic theatrics – Vandal homecoming teams compete with spirit anthems

University of Idaho students will go head-to-head Wednesday in a theatric battle of Olympic proportions.

off the cuff

Go! Vandals. Go. That is all. — Jack Homecoming Be safe this weekend. — Tess School spirit Show some this weekend.  #JOEfortheGOLD — Mihaela Vandal pride It’s a good week to be a Vandal. — Hailey Being a Vandal Means coming together as a strong community, even though we know we’re not perfect. Happy homecoming. […]

Homecoming perspectives

Homecoming Week is a time to show pride and make memories

Follow the money

Homecoming Week prompts review of funding from student fees

Homecoming perspectives

 Lack of  promotion makes homecoming low-key, and that is OK

Mix Tape: In the name of fathers

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) In 1997, a mentally disabled father Jiulong Lee insists on buying a backpack of Sailor Moon for his young daughter, Yisheng. However, Jiulong is framed for a rape and murder case at the store. He cannot argue for himself and the policeman sends him to jail, cell No. 7. […]

Mix Tape: LGBT pride

“New Americana” by Halsey Halsey’s 2015 “New Americana” is the anthem to our generation. The song declares the rise of a new type of U.S. citizen. In her song, Halsey pays tribute to famous actor, James Dean, who lived from 1931 to 1955. Dean was forced to live his life as a closeted gay man. Halsey then […]

Horoscopes: June 22, 2016

Leo 7/23-8/22 Summer vacation is a good time for building up your relationship with your new boyfriend/girlfriend. Why not try to write a love letter to him/her? Sometimes the written words can play a better role than many expensive gifts. Virgo 8/23-9/22 This week, dress in a blue T-shirt with a “6” that can help […]

Mix Tape Icon

Mix Tape: Make ’em all jealous

Summer can be a season where many  young men and women have doubts about themselves. They either didn”t reach their swimsuit weight or have yet to acquire the pecs of Chris Evans. However, what is important is that people everywhere love the skin they are in. These songs are all about being comfortable and being […]