Ode to… Dutch Bros 09.17.2015

The ins and outs of Dutch Bros from a not-so-seasoned professional I”m not going to pretend I know all of the secrets behind everyone”s favorite blue caffeine hut, Dutch Bros Coffee.

‘The living room of Moscow’ 04.24.2015

One World Cafe offers the community more than just coffee This year marks the 10th anniversary of One World Cafe serving the people of Moscow. Sara Pritchett, co-owner of One World, has worked there for eight of those 10 years and said she couldn’t be happier working in a place she loves for a community […]

Calling for caffeine 04.24.2015

Dutch Bros. Coffee serves Moscow citizens their much-needed caffeine fix Carlie Funk loves her job. She said she loves Moscow summers the best, and she loves the small-town feel. She came to Moscow from Boise three years ago, and has worked at Dutch Bros. Coffee as a full-time employee for a year and a half.

Campus Tips 04.20.2015

Tricks for surviving life as a college student Best deal The cheapest meal from Starbucks: a banana and a bagel. It’s a good option for people looking for some quick food.

Kicking the coffee habit 03.26.2015

Claire Whitley | Crumbs It isn’t college without coffee, or at least this is the common ideology. Caffeine gets college students through their day better than their diploma or job waiting for them at the end of the tunnel. With Starbucks next to the VandalStore and Einstein’s in the Idaho Commons, it can be hard […]

Up all night 02.26.2015

Student volunteer crews build Jazz Fest overnight The energy in the air was palpable as a group of University of Idaho students gathered in a dimly lit, dusty building near campus Tuesday night. The clock read 10:15 p.m. — the night shift had officially begun. Surrounded by drum kits and music stands, the students circled […]

From the south came a coffee 12.11.2014

‘Vandal Blend’ coffee on shelves at Moxie Java When Boise-based coffee company Moxie Java began its rebranding process, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy Ken Stokes said it transitioned. Rather than market its blends by region, the company wanted to market them by attitude. One of those attitudes, he said, is Vandal pride. 

Crockpot pumpkin spice lattes 10.23.2014

Claire Whitley | Crumbs Every year I seem to break the bank just trying to drink coffee. Especially when there are pumpkin spice lattes. However, I came across this recipe will browsing through Pinterest and just had to try it. It’s cheap and easy for an evening hot cuppa. These directions don’t have to be […]

Coffee and canvas 04.08.2013

Sister’s Brew was once located at 218 S. Main St., but on the first of March, Sister’s Brew relocated and Café Artista opened as Moscow’s newest coffee shop two weeks later. The shop is owned by Bev and Lisa Bafus, a mother and daughter team.

Cutting back on caffeine 02.04.2013

For years medical professionals have gone back and forth about caffeine and its effects on people. We have heard it is terrible for you and then find out about newly discovered benefits the following month. As a coffee consumer myself, sometimes I get confused whether I’m making an unhealthy or healthy decision every morning when […]

Off the cuff 09.20.2012

Insert HvZ post here If I had the time to worry about getting shot with a Nerf gun or shooting others while on campus, I would be a very happy person. –Theo