Global warming or global hoaxing? — Climate change is not to be feared

People all around the world, especially Americans, are constantly told the planet is going to fry and everyone and everything is going to die because humans are depleting the ozone layer via air conditioners, TVs, automobiles, computers, industries, logging, etc. In essence, because of mankind’s technological advances we are going to kill the Earth and ourselves. However, creationism and the theory of evolution do not support such ideas.

Michael Crichton, author of “Jurassic Park” and avid evolutionist, considered the idea that humans could destroy the planet through “intoxicating vanity.” The Earth has undergone “continuous and violent upheaval” that we could never imagine or possibly endure, according to Crichton and the theory of evolution. Yet, the Earth endured millions of years of such violent upheavals and life exists where it was once void.

According to the theory of evolution, galaxies, planets, moons and all life came from and withstood incredibly destructive and violent forces, but Earth cannot withstand our puny little emissions? Even compared to evolutionary theory man-made global warming is completely illogical.

For creationists, the idea of man-made global warming is, or should be, preposterous. Creationists, particularly Christians, know that God created the heavens and the Earth and that mankind has nothing compared to the almighty power of God (i.e. “When I consider … the work of Thy fingers … what is man that Thou art mindful of him?” Psalm 8:3). So how can we destroy His great creation with our tools? When we begin to think we can do such a thing we make gods out of ourselves, and that should be a red light to all creationists.

In essence, man-made global warming is a complete falsehood. Human beings do not have the power to have any effect on the climate, only nature does. Indeed, to assume that mankind is powerful enough to affect the global climate is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty and vanity.

As Crichton put it, “Earth has survived everything in its time. It will certainly survive us.” All that the Earth has gone through, including wars and natural disasters, have had no effect on it. The Earth heals itself and continues as it always has.

We shouldn’t have to be ashamed of our use of technology and Earth’s resources. These things are here for our use and purpose. The resources of the Earth are abundant, and we should make good use of them. Naturally, we should use them economically, but without fear. After all, do we really want to go back to the horse-and-buggy days?

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