2012 March
  • rawr briefs | 3.30.12

    UI comedy troupe at the Artisan Barn University of Idaho improvisational comedy group White Tie Improv will be performin...

    March 30, 2012
  • New policies limit athletics

    The recent proposal by ASUI President Samantha Perez to increase the student activity fee by zero percent may prove posi...

    March 29, 2012
  • Vehicle break-ins on rise

    Recent reports have added to Moscow Police Department’s ongoing investigation of a series of car burglaries on the...

    March 29, 2012
  • Rollin’ with the balloons
    Rollin’ with the balloons

    Trevor Maclean, mechanical engineering sophomore, participates, in a game based on a Norwegian sport Thursday at the Liv...

    March 29, 2012
  • Silver and gold celebration

    The University of Idaho Alumni Association will present awards to four individuals at the annual Silver and Gold celebra...

    March 29, 2012