Swinging in the moose — Swing Devils of the Palouse dance at the Moscow Moose Lodge after CJ’s closing

Months after the close of popular hangout CJ’s Nightclub, the Swing Devils of the Palouse are still dancing every week in Moscow. For over 18 years, the Swing Devils made their home at CJ’s Nightclub, which closed in August.    Alex Boughamer, treasurer of the organization, said many people thought swing nights had disappeared with […]

A sport of the mind — College Bowl recruits students for an academic competition

Students will gather for a different kind of sport Thursday night — a sport of the mind. The College Bowl will take place Jan. 26 and Jan. 27 in the Crest Room of the Idaho Commons to test students’ trivia knowledge. The College Bowl is an organized collaboration between Campus Recreation and the Department of […]

Home away from home — UI student got a taste of a new culture while she studied abroad in Austria

From adjusting to the unique culture to losing her luggage, nothing brought Willow Vero down while she studied abroad in Austria. It wasn’t just the Kebap sandwiches or the cobblestone streets that made Vero’s experience studying abroad so special, but the historical culture and the stories she created while she was there. “It was an […]

Harnessing powerful images — The 2017 MLK Art and Essay Contest urges students to explore environmental injustice

The third annual University of Idaho MLK Art and Essay Contest is accepting submissions of art and writing from undergraduate, graduate and professional students enrolled this semester. The university’s Ubuntu Committee, a group of faculty dedicated to serving the needs of under-represented students, facilitates the contest.

Surviving social media — Guidelines for posting unpopular opinions on social media in 2017

I have fallen in and out of love with social media every day for most of my internet-using life. There is something so incredibly satisfying in following a dramatic debate within a chain of comments. Watching drama unfold post after post is often worthy of pulling up a chair, bringing out the popcorn and settling […]

Personal investment matters — There are lessons to learn outside of the classroom

I’m getting very sentimental in my last semester at the University of Idaho. I stare at the dorms and wonder who occupies the rooms I spent all my time in. I wonder what those freshmen are majoring in, if they have friends like I do and if they’re struggling the way I did. No one […]

Fabrication across the nation — Fake news and clickbait garner attention, dragging chains of unreliability and division

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, that’s why I’ll just let the internet do it for me. Be careful when fishing for the facts, because clickbait can catch someone hook, line and sinker. “Clickbait” is a pejorative term used to describe those insane, over-the-top stories that a person would see on their […]

Breathe in, breathe out — There’s a responsibility associated with being an inspired individual

What does it mean to be inspired? And why can inspiration be so difficult to find sometimes? Inspiration starts with the individual. It’s a choice. Being inspired isn’t a luxury, it’s a responsibility. It’s something that needs to be fostered and cultivated. When someone allows themselves to be inspired, they will be inspired.

Welcoming the rooster — Lorita Leung Dance Company performed Jan. 21 in honor of the Chinese New Year

Lorita Leung Dance Company of Vancouver, Canada brought their best to the University of Idaho last weekend. The company was selected by Festival Dance in collaboration with the Confucius Institute at the University of Idaho partially to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on Saturday, Jan. 28 this year. The event consisted of a […]

The Met to Moscow — Kenworthy Theater provides live stream performance from the Met Opera House

The New York City experience came to downtown Moscow in a live stream performance of “Roméo et Juliette” Saturday at the Kenworthy Theater. The live stream was provided by the Met Opera House in Manhattan allowing Moscow audiences to join the thousands of viewers worldwide.

Unfortunately Good — “A Series of Unfortunate Events” expands book series

Daniel “Lemony Snicket” Handler’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” book series took children by storm from 1999 until 2006. The series combined macabre and gruesome storytelling with a tongue in cheek wit that made it palatable for young boys and girls. After a 2004 adaptation failed to take off at the box office, Netflix hit […]

A Night Underground — Playing Tourist Forever and Hit Me Herold take the stage at One World Café to showcase the sound of California Indie rock.

Two California based indie bands, Playing Tourist Forever and Hit Me Herold, teamed up for a night of music at One World Café Tuesday. Playing Tourist Forever and Hit me Herold are on a month long tour across the West Coast and already played shows in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Hit Me Herold is […]