Staben ready for state legislature — State surplus could go to university

University of Idaho President Chuck Staben said a State Board of Education initiative and a surplus of state money could mean more funding from the state legislature this spring.

A triumph for the trees — A natural repellent applied to campus trees helps prevent evergreen theft over the holidays

In the planter outside the University of Idaho Library, a white sign with red lettering serves as the public’s only warning about the “essence” of the evergreens. David Rauk, the campus horticulturalist, said it’s one of many signs posted next to patches of evergreen trees on campus that have been sprayed with a natural repellent […]

A little kid from a dairy farm — Alton Campbell retires after 33 years at UI

When a student walks into University of Idaho Honors Program Director Alton Campbell’s office, they are greeted with a joyous, southern “hello” and offered tea from a selection he keeps stocked near an electric kettle.

Crafting holiday cheer — Three roommates bring the holidays to their home through creative apartment decoration

As Aubrey Shaw and her roommates constructed a fake fireplace out of cardboard on which they could hang a set of stockings brandishing their names, they listened to the Mariah Carey holiday station on Pandora.

Easy as zero, one, two — Brink Hall would be less confusing if we started counting from zero

Walking down the stairs from the top floor of Brink Hall, the signs in the stairwell read “3,” then “2,” then “1,” and then “M,” then “G,” and finally “B.” What? Why are half the floors letters and the other half numbers? Is the exit on the first floor or the ground floor? What is […]

Campus reality — After my first semester, I’ve discovered realities no one prepared me to face

Before arriving in tiny hand-me-down cars packed with random crap that probably wasn’t necessary, students are gifted with the images painted by older siblings, parents and that one teacher who still wears his university sweatshirt everyday.

On the road again — Christmas break is around the corner and it’s time to drive home safely

All drivers are guilty. Guilty of not using the blinker while changing lanes, cutting off a car or driving past a red light. The ultimate nemesis: parallel parking awkwardly and hitting the curb with the rear tire — or another vehicle.

No-restraint Nicholas — Despite celebrity status, Santa Claus continues questionable business practices

Every December, children across the globe spend Christmas Eve laying in bed while anxiously waiting on an impending visit from Santa Claus. These kids sneak out of their bedrooms to sit by the tinsel-covered tree in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the infamous red suit or hear the sound of reindeer hooves on the […]

Skating away the winter blues — Palouse Ice Rink provides winter fun, looks to expand for future opportunities

In the cold winter months on the Palouse, there is a struggle to find fun physical activities nearby. The Palouse Ice Rink in Moscow offers a solution to this issue. “I don’t think most people realize what a fantastic asset this is to the community,” said peewee hockey coach Mark Mumford. He said it provides […]

Smithsonian comes to Moscow — The Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit ‘Water/Ways’ coming to Moscow

The Smithsonian predicts the next global conflict will be over the scarcity of water, said Executive Director of the Latah County Historical Society Dulce Kersting. Kersting said this impending problem inspired them to create a traveling exhibit of the Smithsonian that will be in Moscow Dec. 9 to Jan. 1: “Water/Ways.”

The music of Moscow — Musical traditions during the holiday season shows diversity on campus

During the holiday season, “music is in the air” becomes less of an expression and more of an inescapable reality. At the University of Idaho, the student and faculty population is diverse. Mikayla Sievers, president of the Lutheran Campus ministry has a tradition known as Advent that starts four Sundays leading up to Christmas. “It […]

The longest winter night — A look at the winter solstice and its ancient holiday meanings

Snow has fallen, the temperature has dropped and soon the winter solstice will occur. Every Dec. 21, earth experiences one of the shortest days and longest nights, marking the transition from autumn to winter.