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‘Class of awesomeness’

07.22.2015 – 12:01 am |

Dean of students welcomes new and old students to UI
One week into his first year as the University of Idaho’s new dean of students, Blaine Eckles said he wants to welcome the new class of …

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Rape convict seeks sentence dismissal

07.29.2015 – 4:28 pm |

Man convicted of UI rape looks to overturn 15-year sentence

On March 22, 2013, former University of Idaho student Jesse Vierstra was found guilty of raping a young woman outside a UI fraternity house and was given a 15-year sentence, and has spent the last two years at the Idaho State Correctional Institution.

Earlier this week, Vierstra filed a petition to dismiss his sentence, claiming his attorneys failed to defend him properly during his trial.

According to court records, Vierstra served as the defense’s only witness. The defense also didn’t start an investigation of the case until February 2013, and weren’t prepared with enough information by the time his trial began March 18, 2013.

Right after his trial concluded, Vierstra filed for an appeal but the appeals courts upheld the decision and confirmed the conviction in July 2014. His petition review was denied in August 2014.

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Reaching admission goals

07.22.2015 – 2:12 am |

SBOE will vote on proposal for direct admissions plan to public colleges
The Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) will vote Aug. 12 on a proposal for a direct admissions plan for public colleges and universities.
The …

Housing costs remain stable

07.22.2015 – 2:05 am |

On-campus living costs remain constant into next academic year
Talks of increasing costs are nothing new when it comes to higher education.
While many universities are spiking the costs of tuition as well as room and board, …

Sports briefs

07.22.2015 – 1:57 am |

Wildfire levels Marboe home
Last month a large wildfire in Wenatchee, Washington, now nicknamed the “Sleepy Hollow Fire,” destroyed a total of 29 homes, including the home of former Vandal football player Mike Marboe.

Welcome to UI

07.22.2015 – 1:51 am |

New students should take advantage of the time they have in Moscow
Congratulations. You’re now a Vandal.
You’ll soon start to notice, if you haven’t already, it isn’t just the campus that makes being a student in …

Independent at last

07.22.2015 – 1:48 am |

Dos and don’ts of living on your own
Heading out of your family home to live on your own can be scary.
There are so many things that you have to learn but have not been taught …

A fresh outlook

07.22.2015 – 1:43 am |

Freshmen begin lives at UI along with new administration
Many new students are probably a tad anxious with just a few short weeks left before they begin their first year at the University of Idaho. That’s …