Real scoop: not a fluff piece — Service dogs practice socialization with students 09.25.2017

Students destressed with service dogs-in-training who, for some, reminded students of their own canine companions back home. Vandal Health Education organized the Therapy Dog event with Palouse Paws, which brought two puppies training to be service dogs, and Pet Partners, which brought two adult companion dogs, to the University of Idaho Commons Thursday.


OTC 9/25/17

Q: What is the best way to cure a pesky cold? Sleep it off Nothing helps me more when I’m feeling under the weather than a long night’s sleep or nap in my big comfy bed. — Savannah Gold Bears to the rescue When I notice I’m feeling sick, I grab a bag of Gold […]

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Making video games social — Palouse gamers to gather at UI Commons

Vandal Overnight Games will be Sept. 30 in the University of Idaho Commons and Teaching and Learning Center. This is the seventh Vandal Overnight Games held by the UI Information Technology Services (ITS) department as a community outreach gaming event. The event is open to all UI students and members of the community and is […]


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