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Up again

04.17.2014 – 9:24 pm |

ASUI President Max Cowan said he is grateful the Idaho State Board of Education was conscious of the impact rising tuition has on students and their ability to continue their education when they made the …

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Life of a student-athlete

04.18.2014 – 3:31 pm |

The typical day in the life of Maxx Forde starts by waking up around 7 a.m. for back-to-back classes beginning an hour later. Some students might have the luxury to call it a day after that, though for Forde, his day is just getting started.

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Losing streak ends in Missoula for Idaho men

04.17.2014 – 9:30 pm |

After last weekend’s disappointing Boise double header the Vandals got back on the winning track on Thursday as they went on the road and defeated Montana 4-2 in Missoula.

Internal bleeding

04.17.2014 – 9:25 pm |

Heartbeat was introduced two years ago into Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) a security protocol used by about 17 percent of Internet sites. Heartbeat was intended to keep communication between two people open for a while …

Righting the wrongs

04.17.2014 – 9:23 pm |

It’s about damn time.
On Tuesday it was announced that NCAA’s legislative council approved a proposal to expand the meal allowance rule for all student-athletes in all sports.
The proposal allows Division I to provide student-athletes with …

Signing day briefs

04.17.2014 – 9:22 pm |

Men’s tennis
Rhys Richardson
Saddlebrook Prep (Fla.)
About: Top 250 recruit per tennisrecruiting.net

Grueling scrimmage – Idaho football will scrimmage Saturday for last time in Spring

04.17.2014 – 9:20 pm |

Every time Idaho coach Paul Petrino blew his whistle, Josh McCain and Dezmon Epps would hit the plunge to the ground, get back up and continue running laps down the sideline. The top two wide …

Quack attack – Women’s tennis ready for Senior Day against Oregon Ducks

04.17.2014 – 9:18 pm |

After being on the road for virtually the entire season, the Idaho women’s tennis team will compete Friday in Moscow against  the Oregon Ducks for Senior Day. 

UI’s wide-out breakout

04.17.2014 – 9:15 pm |

A quick glance at the wide receiver position on Idaho’s depth chart and one thing is apparent — it’s not lacking depth. 

Off the Cuff

04.17.2014 – 9:13 pm |

Dear UI parking,
Congratulations your strategy to force me to buy a real over priced parking pass by making the only two blue lots at the butt ends of campus worked. I’ll be shoveling out extra …

Respect Equal Pay Day, fairness

04.17.2014 – 9:12 pm |

I write this letter in response to a cartoon on page 11 of the April 11 issue that depicted feminists on Equal Pay Day.

Talk sex, stay safe — Conversing with your partner, attending health clinics can help prevent STDs

04.17.2014 – 9:10 pm |

April showers are known for bringing May flowers, but this year, it also brings that awkward relationship conversation you might not have been looking forward to … you and your partner’s sexual history. To confront …

Unrestricted knowledge — Students need to take advantage of UI library

04.17.2014 – 9:09 pm |

A majority of University of Idaho students hope to spend minimal time inside the UI Library except during academic emergencies caused by midterms, finals and unavoidable all-nighters. Unfortunately, few students take full  advantage of the …

Stop and stare — Violence Prevention Programs shed light on interpersonal violence

04.17.2014 – 8:56 pm |

Virginia Solan is in a lifelong battle against interpersonal violence, which she fulfills as the coordinator for Violence Prevention Programs at the University of Idaho.

ASUI for advocacy — Student presidents collaborate statewide for student advocacy

04.17.2014 – 8:54 pm |

ASUI President-Elect Nate Fisher’s term hasn’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t getting a head start on his platform.

Men’s golf has its eyes on the WAC championship

04.17.2014 – 8:48 pm |

If the men’s golf team want’s to qualify for the NCAA regional tournament, head coach George Means said they will need to win the WAC Championship. Before turning its attention to the WAC, the focus …

Democrats, Young and Old — Idaho Democratic Representatives give presentations at UI

04.17.2014 – 7:25 pm |

Two of Idaho’s state Democratic representatives paid visited UI campus Wednesday to give an update on different policies confronted by the Idaho House of Representatives that they found to be controversial.

Essential increase – Tuition increase neccesary to sustain UI

04.14.2014 – 9:34 pm |

Increases, increases, increases — college tuition and fee rates are going up, no one can argue that.  In the last 10 years, tuition has nearly doubled at the University of Idaho, and no student is …

Tabling to close the gap — Women’s Center brings awareness to wage disparity, Equal Pay Day

04.14.2014 – 9:33 pm |

April 8 may seem like a random date on the calendar, but to the University of Idaho Women’s Center, it is the physical representation of the wage gap between women and men.

Pitman’s announcement

04.14.2014 – 9:33 pm |

I am a Vandal alumna, class of 2011. I lived in Moscow until last year.

T &F already qualifying — Idaho track and field earns two NCAA qualifying marks at Sun Angel Classic

04.14.2014 – 9:32 pm |

Idaho coach Wayne Phipps is already talking about the postseason, and for good reason. 

Human vs. Zombies

04.14.2014 – 9:32 pm | One Comment

On the afternoon of April 2, I was walking to the library and ran into a group of students who were carrying Nerf guns, and had broken up into two teams.  They were pursuing and, …

Broncos bust Vandals … again — Idaho limping into WAC tournament

04.14.2014 – 9:31 pm |

Late season struggles for the Vandal men’s tennis team continued over the weekend. Idaho dropped two matches in Boise, falling 5-0 to rival Boise State (22-4) and 1-4 to UC-Irvine (10-14). These two losses drop …

In brief

04.14.2014 – 9:31 pm | One Comment

Going tobacco free
Following a recommendation from the University of Idaho Tobacco Task Force, UI is on track to become a tobacco-free campus effective Aug. 24, 2015. 

Off The Cuff

04.14.2014 – 9:31 pm |

Designated driver
Please don’t tip me for driving you around, your hilarious antics and train wrecks makes driving your car around worth it.

Troubled program

04.14.2014 – 9:30 pm |

Just more than a month ago, potential legal problems came to the attention of the Latah County Board of Commissioners concerning the county’s Non-Indigent Public Assistance Program. 

Doceo center opens at UI

04.14.2014 – 9:30 pm | One Comment

The Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning recently opened at the University of Idaho to provide future teachers with technology training, integrate technology into K-12 classrooms and share research.