Intangible investments — Nobel Prize winner Edward Prescott analyzes the current U.S. market

In the midst of Congress’ discussions on healthcare reform, Nobel Prize economist Edward Prescott spoke about America’s economic future at Washington State University’s Smith Center Undergraduate Education building Thursday. “Over time, things have been getting better for the modern humans who are dominating the world, making the world a better place for our species,” Prescott […]


Respecting the ‘idealistic’ field — Defending the liberal arts from its critics

In college, meeting people is very systematic. The same three questions asked at the beginning of every new conversation are: “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” and the most anxiety ridden one, “What’s your major?” For some students, telling others about their major can feel risky. Stereotypes have been attached to certain majors and […]

Off the cuff

Eight weeks And that’s it. No more college. — Claire Spring break It didn’t really feel like much of a break, which is a bummer, seeing as it was the last break I will have for a very, very long time. — Erin Fitbit fan club I have joined it and I have no regrets. […]

The new generation of science — Removing climate change from state curriculums threatens the growth of new generations

Earlier this year, Idaho lawmakers made a statement that the environment is only worth the bare minimum. An Idaho House panel approved new K-12 science standards after eliminating key references to climate change caused by human behavior. Idaho’s science standards were last updated in 2001, which means the science curriculum standards haven’t been reassessed in […]

Arts & Entertainment

Cultivating multicultural connections — Free Arabic class teaches language, culture

Husam Samkari is teaching Arabic again at the University of Idaho, spreading understanding of the language and culture. “In this time and in this country, there’s an underlying fear that comes from not understanding,” said International Programs Office Outreach (IPO) Coordinator Sarah Quallen. “And so this is a really good way to help people understand.” […]