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Perch problems — Local business denied permission to pour alcoholic beverages

08.28.2014 – 10:32 pm | One Comment

Weekend nights might be a little quieter at The Perch this fall — for the time being.
By a unanimous decision, the Moscow City Council opted to not send a waiver letter to the state of …

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Eagles soar over Vandals – Idaho soccer falls to 0-3, to play Gonzaga Sunday

08.30.2014 – 7:19 pm | One Comment

Despite a closely contested game on the field, that competition didn’t translate onto the scoreboard on Friday as the Eastern Washington Eagles (2-1) beat the Vandals 4-0 at Guy Wicks Field.

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No easy task

08.28.2014 – 11:03 pm |

The Florida Gators are rich with history. The football program has won three national championships and eight conference titles. It plays in one of the toughest conferences and calls the 88,000-seat Ben Hill Griffin Stadium …

Volleyball springs into season

08.28.2014 – 10:59 pm |

Headlining the opening weekend of Idaho volleyball in Gainesville, Florida, is a Friday match against SEC powerhouse, No. 10 Florida, which will give the Vandals elite competition right off the bat.

Regional rivals

08.28.2014 – 10:56 pm |

Coming off two tough losses to open the season, the Idaho soccer team will be fighting for its first win this weekend as it takes on Eastern Washington Friday at home and Gonzaga, Idaho coach …

Setting priorities — UI Faculty Senate planning ahead

08.28.2014 – 10:34 pm |

The University of Idaho Faculty Senate held its first meeting Wednesday, where leadership members began to set priorities for the upcoming year.

Cutting control of contraceptives

08.28.2014 – 10:32 pm |

In the wake of the infamous Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. case, many religious corporations are attempting to find more ways to opt out of providing coverage for contraceptives for their employees. 

Respect the dunes

08.28.2014 – 10:30 pm |

The safety of visitors to Corps of Engineers lands is a high priority for the Lower Granite Lock and Dam team. Our rangers and staff do their best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience …

More patrols, fewer accidents

08.28.2014 – 10:29 pm |

The Moscow Police Department plans to have additional patrols specifically looking for impaired drivers over the two-week period around Labor Day.

Moscow Chief of Police David Duke said the extra patrols are part of a national …

Off the cuff

08.28.2014 – 10:26 pm |

Three-day weekend
First week is done. Finally. I can relax. Or you know do mounds of homework, and other work until I push myself to the breaking point. Whatevs.

Quit babysitting college students — Revoking The Perch’s Permission won’t solve underage drinking

08.28.2014 – 10:24 pm | One Comment

At 18 years old, people are considered adults. They can fight for their country, buy cigarettes, vote and live legally on their own, without seeking emancipation from their parents.

Giving back — Idaho volleyball players Katelyn Peterson and Jenna Ellis participate in service trips during offseason

08.25.2014 – 10:27 pm |

Two Idaho volleyball players took separate service trips in the offseason in an effort to help people in need.

Vandals in the NFL

08.25.2014 – 10:26 pm |

Going into Tuesday, NFL teams must reduce their rosters to a maximum of 75 players. On Saturday, the teams must reduce their rosters to a maximum of 53 active and inactive players. Several Vandals are …

Smoke-initiative moves forward

08.25.2014 – 10:23 pm |

Serving Your New Community, or SYNC, is an annual opportunity for incoming freshmen to connect with other students and community members through service projects in the Moscow area. For the five freshmen tasked with picking …

Sports briefs

08.25.2014 – 10:22 pm |

Idaho to stay on West Coast in nonconference moving forward
With the move from an independent schedule to the Sun Belt, Idaho football coach Paul Petrino’s team has had very little wiggle room as far who …

Fostering feminism

08.25.2014 – 10:21 pm |

In 1878, women’s rights advocates Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton introduced a constitutional amendment to grant women the right to vote. It wasn’t until 41 years later that Congress finally ratified the 19th amendment, effectively …

Expect more wins with ‘14 schedule — 2014 slate much easier than 2013 football schedule

08.25.2014 – 10:20 pm |

Idaho starts the 2014 season Saturday in Gainesville, Florida, against a Gator team coming off a 4-8 season. It will be a tough game, yes, but it’s the only game where Idaho will be severely …

Athletes of the week

08.25.2014 – 10:19 pm |

Kris Olugbode — football 

Redhawks, Horned Frogs beat Vandals — Idaho falls to 0-2 record to start season

08.25.2014 – 10:18 pm |

After dropping the first two games of the season, Derek Pittman’s quest for his first win as the head coach of the Vandal soccer team continues.

Everyone knows Joe — Take advantage of the endless connections of the Vandal family

08.25.2014 – 10:11 pm |

By now, the first day of classes are over, Greek houses have been selected, clubs have held their first meetings and The Argonaut has completed its second production cycle of the year.

A love letter to libraries — Libraries represent knowledge and much more

08.25.2014 – 10:10 pm |

I have a confession to make, a love letter of sorts. My apologies to all the ladies out there, this one’s not for you. This one is dedicated to all the underfunded, underappreciated bastions of …

Don’t vandalize our reputation — Students should remember they represent everyone

08.25.2014 – 10:07 pm | One Comment

Studying at a well-established university, like the University of Idaho, comes with perks. There are exciting events like Homecoming and Dads’ Weekend, parties on Greek Row, discounts at local stores and of course the buzzing …

Ignored orientation — Longer time for freshman orientation would better serve students

08.25.2014 – 10:05 pm |

Coming to college, there are thousands of new faces and things to experience. In time, it all becomes routine, and faces in the crowd became classmates, friends or that drunk guy who puked in the …

Off the cuff

08.25.2014 – 10:04 pm |


Keep Vandals safe — Watch out for fellow students

08.25.2014 – 10:01 pm |

The University of Idaho got its reputation as a party school before most of its current students were even born. However, college life isn’t all fun and games. Like so many other universities across the …

An ‘idea incubator‘ — UI officials break IRIC ground

08.25.2014 – 10:01 pm |

Equipped with gold painted helmets and shovels, UI President Chuck Staben, Vice President for Research and Economic Development Jack McIver and a coterie of community members and other university officials broke ground last Friday to …

Fit for a president — UI continues toward building University House, funds approved

08.25.2014 – 9:58 pm |

The University of Idaho’s president’s house was in dire need of repair. The 1966 structure needed a new roof, boiler and windows. All in all, renovations could have totaled to more than $1.2 million — …