News briefs — May 24, 2017

Alumni donate to Idaho Arena project The University of Idaho Alumni Association pledged a $500,000 donation for the upcoming Idaho Arena project.


Watch what you want — Choices in entertainment have evolved

It’s hard to remember a time without Netflix. Streaming sites have been churning out fantastic shows that rival Hollywood productions for years now, to the point that Netflix is now a verb. With the colossal variation in TV shows nowadays, a brand new television experience has been created — one that is driven completely by […]

Only creating noise — How much does the March for Science really help?

The March for Science witnessed droves of people come together from many backgrounds to show their distaste for the decisions that policy makers have been pushing through in recent years. President Trump has proposed a tax plan that cuts and guts many important scientific agencies. These kinds of laws and choices are traversing a treacherous […]

Arts & Entertainment

Mixtape — Singing into the summer season

Summer is finally here, and Moscow is actually starting to feel like it. As temperatures rise, so do outdoor activities. Whether you’re hosting the ultimate summer party or just hanging out in your backyard, make sure you’re soaking up the sun with some great tuneage.

Crumbs Recipe — Margarita Cupcakes

These deliciously sweet and tart cupcakes are perfect for sunny days and warmer weather. Colorful and filled with flavor, these boozy cupcakes will not disappoint.

Horoscopes: May 24, 2017

Gemini 5/21-6/21 Given the nice weather, you might be tempted to go play in the sun, but make sure to save some time for your bed and your Netflix account — they miss you.