| 03.20.2018

Erin Roetker

Cheap, helpful and local

The fourth annual Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse was on Dec. 5, but the online market continues until Dec. 8. The market, which provides participants an opportunity to give the gift of donations rather than tangible goods, benefited 28 local and national nonprofit foundations this year.

Graduate students earn grants to stop hunger

Two University of Idaho graduate students, Oscar Abelleira and Sara Galbraith, earned grants from the Purdue University Research Center to contribute to ending world hunger by helping develop scientists and engineers of the future, according to a press release.

A little bit of initiative

All it took was a little bit of initiative. Well, some initiative, a $5 plastic garbage can and a couple hours of spare time each week. But in light of the astonishing fact that 68 percent of what gets thrown away on the University of Idaho campus is either recyclable or compostable, is there any……