Educational liberties — Making educational choices to meet societal expectations is no way to manage a healthy college career 08.21.2017

When choosing which classes to take or which major to pursue, there are always external expectations of what the “best” option is. Whether it’s the choice between majoring in something in the sciences or something in the humanities, there are often certain choices that fit more comfortably in traditional perceptions of success. Generally speaking, the socially-perceived “best” option is often the […]

Newcomer notions — Dispelling misconceived ideas about freshman year 08.17.2017

For incoming freshmen, the beginning of the school year can be a worrisome time. Expectations of what an authentic college experience looks like don’t always match the reality and can often contribute a lot of stress to an otherwise intensely formative time. The roommate When I registered to attend UI my first year my biggest worry […]

Unreciprocated respect — President Trump’s position as a public figure trumps his position in office 08.17.2017

From the first time I gained an interest in political discourse, back during the second election of former President George W. Bush, I’ve carried a fairly consistent mindset in regard to people’s varying attitudes toward the President post-election. I’ve assumed, for a long while now, that the vast majority of chatter and judgement surrounding the president was overwhelmingly […]

A needed discussion 11.14.2016

At this point in the semester, tensions are high. Whether it be course work, class registration, personal conflicts or politics, there are plenty of things that can stress students. While these may seem like small obstacles to some, to others they are larger contributors to an overall sense of emotional and mental tension. And with […]

Degrees of success – College education balancing act 05.05.2016

Patrick Doudy”s degree barely scratches the surface of his qualifications. Doudy graduated from the University of Idaho with Bachelor”s of Science in chemistry, but as an app developer, his job doesn”t actually require chemistry at all. “It”s sort of a cross-section of different kinds of techy and artistic things,” Doudy said. Doudy said as he […]

Writing on the Wall event aims to destroy harmful stereotypes 05.02.2016

In a little over five minutes, the wall would come down. The drywall structure, which stood all afternoon Wednesday outside the Idaho Commons, was a part of The Writing on the Wall event hosted by the Center for Volunteerism and Social Action (CVSA). The event gave University of Idaho students, faculty and staff from all […]

From doggies to doobies, community comes out for Moscow Hemp Fest 04.18.2016

Arlene Falcon, owner of local business Tye Dye Everything, has managed Moscow Hemp Fest since 2006 – yet the event has evolved since it was founded in 1996, Falcon said. “It started with this guy, Shawn, who made hemp bracelets and eventually started Hemp Fest,” she said. Saturday afternoon, University of Idaho and Moscow community […]

Don”t fail UIdaho – Campus community discusses Idaho public education 04.04.2016

Paul Lewin, an assistant professor of agricultural science at the University of Idaho, said he approaches education not as an educator, but as an economist. “Education is an investment,” Lewin said. “People who are more educated are more likely to be employed.” Lewin was one of several students, professors and Moscow community members who discussed […]

Conversing constituents – Campus Conversations discuss the importance of political involvement 02.22.2016

At the Campus Conversation Thursday, University of Idaho political science professor Juliet Carlisle said the Electoral College is like a platypus. “It”s sort of an anomaly,” she said. “Every time you look at it you see something different.” Carlisle was invited to the Campus Conversation to discuss common misconceptions within the U.S. political system with […]