| 03.18.2018

Pinching pennies

ASUI agrees to send one delegate to Boise leadership conference


ASUI Senate discussed one bill Wednesday night regarding sending a delegate to Boise for a leadership conference.

Sen. Nicole Skinner made an amendment to the bill, changing the amount of money ASUI would contribute from $1,000 to $250 because of the change in the budget she announced last week.

The amendment also reduced the number of delegates from two to one. Skinner said they would try to look for additional resources to send a second delegate. Skinner also announced ASUI President McKenzie MacDonald and her cabinet would contribute an additional $250.

The amendment and the bill passed the senate with no objections.

Vice President Catherine Yenne said since there was no new business on the agenda, all senators would give a 30-second update on their work in the senate.

The senators said they were working on a variety of projects, such as an ASUI racket ball competition, pushing for free tampons on campus, reducing rape kits and a proposed a bike share program.

MacDonald said the medical amnesty bill successfully passed through the house committee on Monday and reached the house floor this week. The student fee committee is working on finalizing their proposal to increase student activity fees which will go to University of Idaho President Chuck Staben before the State Board of Education meeting in April.

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