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O.TC. — 02.15.18


What problem will our generation create for the next generation to solve?


Good luck
I see some serious Black Mirror stuff in our near future. The next generation is going to be consumed by technology and will have to find ways to avoid it.
— Tea


Back in my day
Millennials are perfect. End of discussion.
— Brandon


Too good to be true
Our media, movies and the like, is becoming exponentially better. This new standard will be hard to stick to for the future generation.
— Griffen



We’ve become way too dependent on social media and technology that the future generation will have rare face to face interaction.

— Lindsay


We’re becoming so aware of all the problems in the world that it makes us feel overwhelmed, resulting in indifference. The next generation will need to learn how to care again.
— Andrew




Most skilled gardeners, too busy working to check their phones, will not see the missile warning in time when nuclear war comes, leaving the next generation unable to craft decent flower arrangements.

— Nishant



Climate change
We are faced with the harsh reality that many of our everyday actions harm the environment. The next generation will have to cut back on pollution and save the planet. I just hope we haven’t dug our hole too deep already.
— Savannah


Digital everything

I get it. I’m part of the problem. I like my screen time a little too much. But, I’m afraid it’s people like us that keep shoving a good old Sunday print paper out of the picture.

— Hailey


Nuclear War
I’m not saying it’s going to happen, or will happen, but if it does I’m very sorry.
— Chris


Dank memes
They’ve already become a global problem, and it’ll be up to future generations to try and cut back.
— Max


Social Media
We are all addicted, but at least have some remaining communication skills. Unfortunately, I doubt these skills will be passed on to the next gen. Good luck, kids.
— Mere



I want it, NOW
Our generation is obsessed with instant gratification. This leads us to make choices that affect our long-term goals poorly. I really hope the next generation learns delayed gratification.


Flying cars
Back to the Future said we would have them by 2015 along with hover boards. We have really been slacking and future generations are going to need to pick up the pace.
— Joleen


Phone obsessions
Everyone loves their phone and as phones get even better people will have a hard time breaking that love. The next generation will have to help us break our obsession.
— Grayson



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