| 03.18.2018

OTC — 02.01.18


What is one talent you don’t have, but wish you had?

Tax time

If I could thoroughly understand the ins-and-outs of taxes this year, I might actually feel like a real adult.

— Hailey

The anti-chef

I love food, but possess absolutely no cooking capabilities. Name any food, whether it be macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles, I will almost always find a way to ruin it. I really wish I could cook.

— Savannah

Timing is everything

I’m rather jealous of the Judeo-Christian God’s ability to exist outside of time. It’s not that I don’t have enough time to do things. I’m actually often early to things and have to awkwardly wait around. Would be sweet to get out of that.

— Nishant


Make me into Ryan Reynolds playing Gambit so I can make cards fly around my head all day. That’d be the life.

— Griffen


I wish I could go a full sentence without totally changing the — wow, I can’t wait to watch the Super Bowl.

— Brandon

Backflips and stuff

I wish I was super pro at parkour and tricking. It would be so cool to break out some moves while walking to class.

— Andrew


I would like the ability to never procrastinate. I feel like this is every college student’s dream talent.

— Chris

Stick figures

I really wish I could draw. Everyone always makes fun of my stick figures. I’ve always been super jealous of creative artists.

— Elizabeth


I wish I didn’t think coding was boring and had the patience to learn it. The ability to code is awesome and would be a great skill to know.

— Grayson

Athlete of the year

If I could have just one athletic bone in my body I would be content. Just one.

— Tea

Smart me up

I have a tendency to have dumb moments. I’d like to be a genius and have those a lot less.

— Lindsay

Stem stem stem

I have never been one for math or science. I could barely do middle school math in middle school and the chances of me doing it now are probably lower. I have always envied those who are not only good at math and science but can actually muster up an interest in it.

— Meredith


I don’t actually think I know how to swim, and this skill could definitely be useful to me in the future.

— Max

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