| 03.20.2018

Fresh faces for ASUI — ASUI swears in new members and recognizes old senators


ASUI President McKenzie MacDonald swore in five new ASUI senators — Jessie Smith, Teja Sunku, Samragyee Gautam, Ismael Mendoza and Faustine Moulton.

The senate passed two bills and seven resolutions. The first bill appointed Cait Bowyer as the new ASUI director of finance and Miles Whitling as the ASUI director of athletics for spring 2018.

The other bill approved the appointment of both Hannah Spear and Kristin Nesbit as senators for the spring 2018 term.

The resolutions were in recognition of the accomplishments and services of Senators George Wood, Maribel Alfaro, Miles Whitling, Austin O’Neill and Nina Rydalch. Anther resolution was in appreciation of Cait Bowyer while the final resolution was in recognition of Natalie Magnus, coordinator of the center for volunteerism and social action.

After the new senators were sworn in, the senate re-elected Jordan Kizer pro tempore for next semester. Kizer ran against Sen. Zachary Spence.

This election process was the fifth Sen. Spence said he has ran in and this is the last time, because he is graduating in the spring. Both outlined their priorities for senate. Pro tempore Kizer said he wanted to continue towards making senate more productive. Sen. Spence said he wanted to help the senators make it their senate, not his.

When asked what they thought was the most prevalent issue to students, both agreed they could not say at the time because there needs to be more conversation between ASUI and the student body.

After almost an hour of discussion, the senators re-elected Kizer.

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