| 03.18.2018

A refreshing revelation — Sonic Drive-In is finally blessing the Moscow area with its presence



Some of the best holiday tidings of the entire season came quite early when the Moscow-Pullman Daily News announced that a Sonic Drive-In franchise would be coming to Moscow in 2018.

With the next closest location in Lewiston, Sonic is an amenity many of the area’s people are deprived of consistently. Killer deals during happy hour and late at night are bound to attract droves of students from the University of Idaho and Washington State University, much in the way that Taco Bell on the eastern side of town is always busy because it supports the cravings of two whole college campuses.

Jonah Baker | Argonaut

Students from most metropolitan areas outside of northern Idaho have been able to take advantage of the luxury of having a Sonic nearby. Living for months without one of life’s small treasures is an ordeal, to say the least.

This had to be one of the easiest decisions for Moscow city leadership to make. We all deserve this, and with a hungry student population, this looks as if it is going to be a massive financial success.

Sonic provides the kind of cheap but not terrible food that caters to students wonderfully. Unlike a Taco Bell or McDonalds, its focus on drinks allows it to appeal to everyone at all times of the day without the greasy and guilty gut bomb that comes hours afterward. Price is obviously not a problem for students, as most drinks are close to or even under a dollar and many different food items are often massively discounted for an entire day.

Most college students do not have excessive time or money. Sonic fits right in to fill a need for delicious drinks while putting no pressure on our wallets or schedules.

Even if those factors aren’t convincing enough that a Sonic in Moscow is something to be excited about, I have a good feeling that three simple words will — Ice cream slushes. This pinnacle of the human civilization is soon going to be available for just about all hours of the day.

According to the Daily News report, the proposed location would be on the northeast corner of the Rosauers parking lot. This should work out perfectly because it will be far enough away from the half-dozen competitors on Highway 8 that would take away from business, while still being close enough to convince financially strained students to make the short drive or ride for cheap drinks.

Within 12 months, slushes and limeades will once again be in our lives every day. Despite looming finals, oppressive cold and uncomfortable holiday conversations with relatives just over the horizon, there is yellow and red neon light at the end of the tunnel opening up in 2018 to give us comfort and quench our thirst.

Jonah Baker can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu or on Twitter @jonahpbaker

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