| 03.20.2018

Views form a newfound feminist — Feminism and gender roles are issues we should attempt to address everyday



I’m a woman, a sophomore in college and preparing for a career in the journalism field — I have just now been exposed to what feminism really is.

Before my eye-opening philosophy class, I was screened from the gender problems that have been going on for years.

Here are the views from a newfound feminist — one looking to learn more and dissect all the pieces and parts that make women who they are.

Scrolling through my social media these past few months I’ve seen many women post videos of them shaving their own head to make a point — they are beautiful without hair. Still it isn’t the way a woman should look, according to societal norms.

Lindsay Trombly | Argonaut

These stereotypes occur on a daily basis and should be addressed. The gender roles involving masculinity and femininity need to be broken and thrown out the window.

On the outside, it seems simple. Women wear makeup and dresses, but does that make them necessarily feminine. When men cry, shouldn’t that be OK? These are just a few examples.

It is all about treating people fairly.

Feminism addresses this idea and these sorts of things that advocate women’s rights to provide equality.

In 2017, one would think women would finally be equal to men. With unequal pay in the workforce and rights over female reproductive rights, there is so much needed progression.

This is just one example of how the sexes aren’t treated equally. Men can do what they want with their bodies, and women should have that full right as well.

Feminism is an important viewpoint to examine. Gender roles provide a look into the past and present. Men often had the upper hand in the past, and the same more often than not occurs today.

This is still found in the little things — the ideologies we don’t often think about regularly. We still keep common customs such as taking a man’s last name when getting married. Indirectly, it can show ownership and power over a female.

Dating is a prime example of this. On a date, notice where the waiter places the check. It automatically goes to the male because that is what is usually expected.

When I first heard this, I realized that this is true. With historical context and even parts of our current culture, it can seem odd for the female to pay.

These norms keep occurring, and women are still underappreciated and viewed as less in parts of society.

In the presidential election last year, it was male v. female — Trump vs. Clinton. Whenever I spoke about the candidates I often heard people say they wouldn’t vote for Hilary purely for the fact that she is a woman.

Even as we move forward and progress, feminism still needs to be advocated.

I’m now more aware of gender roles and how much feminism has an impact on society. Ultimately, everyone should find their own opinion and their own viewpoint.

There is still much to learn. For now, I’m a newfound feminist and proud of it.

Lindsay Trombly can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu or on Twitter @lindsay_trombly

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