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News Brief — 8.22.17


Students and community members join together to enjoy the eclipse 

Hundreds of students lined up for a chance to get their hands on viewing glasses at the Vandal Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Monday morning in anticipation of the solar eclipse. The event, hosted by the Department of Student Involvement (DSI), in partnership with the Idaho Space Grant Consortium, gave students, faculty and community members an opportunity to witness the solar eclipse together in a safe and friendly environment.

Natalie Magnus, Program Coordinator for DSI, said the event was about bringing the community together to view the first full coast-to-coast eclipse the United States had seen since 1918.

Magnus said Moscow witnessed the eclipse of the sun by about 94 percent.

“The night I was born there was a lunar eclipse, so I feel kind of a special place in my heart for eclipses,” Magnus said.

Magnus estimated over 500 people attended the event.

Magnus said participants received viewing glasses, along with eclipse themed snacks: Eclipse gum, Starburst, Sunny D, and Sun Chips.

Zachary Spence, an ASUI senator, said the event was a chance to get students out to enjoy the eclipse together as Vandals.

“It’s something that happens so rarely, it’s happening right here in the U.S. — it’s God’s creation in work. man, what’s not to like?” Spence said.

Sidney Boardman, a student at UI, said this is the second solar eclipse he’s witnessed. The first one was in 1998 while he was stationed in Bahrain in the air force.

“I thought this event was pretty neat, looking at the news lately we all know what happened in Charlottesville — it’s nice to see a whole group of people from every walk of life, every color, enjoying the solar eclipse,” Boardman said. “I think this event showed that people can get along, no matter where they are from.”

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