How to BBQ — A guide to throwing a great summer barbecue


For many college students, the best aspect of summer is having more free time to spend with friends. And, when paired with warm weather and sunshine, that time is usually spent outside with entertainment and food.

Although Independence Day — basically the biggest summer bash of the year — is behind us, there is still plenty of time to invest in a portable grill and put those summer recipes to use.

However, with the common apartment setting, it can be difficult to entertain one’s friends with little room and often no outdoor space. But, that shouldn’t discourage college students from spending their summer barbecuing and hanging out in the summer heat.

Sometimes, the best kind of outdoor barbecue isn’t really a barbecue at all. A picnic in the afternoon or evening paired with games and music is a great way to spend the day.

Load up a picnic basket with snacks like chips, dip, fruit and vegetables and an easy picnic is nearly done. Bring along a cooler for drinks and chilled food.

Picnic spots can be found all over Moscow. Pick a park, a trail stop along Idler’s Rest or even a spot on the Administration Building lawn to chill with friends and enjoy a simple afternoon picnic in the sun.

For those who want to take the summer fun up a notch, with often limited resources and space, throwing together a full-on barbecue is still achievable with these tips and tricks.

A large grill is usually out of the question for most students living in a small apartment or even a small house with limited space. However, a small tabletop grill is often easy to store and pack around for days out hiking or when camping.

Grilled food is without a doubt the most essential aspect of any barbecue. This doesn’t mean meat products can be the only thing on the menu. Grilled vegetables and grilled fruit are another great option to add some variation into the mix.

Sturdy veggies, like mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and corn will all hold up to the high heat of a grill. Fruits like pineapple, peaches and pears are also delicious when put on the grill for a few minutes.

For meat, one can never go wrong with the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. But, other meat products like chicken with a bit of barbecue sauce or fish with lime and some spice sprinkled on top are both great for tacos and sandwiches.

No barbecue is complete without an array of sides. Chips and dip, like guacamole, hummus and salsa all make for perfect sides. To get a bit more creative, look to summer salads like potato and pasta salad or vegetable salads with light dressings.

Summer barbecues are very social gatherings. Potluck style barbecues are great for bringing people together and bringing a variety of food options to the table.

Whether it be in a park or on a small balcony of an apartment, barbecues are what you make them — big or small.

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