| 03.21.2018

So long, farewell —A goodbye to the seniors of Student Media


The third floor of the University of Idaho Bruce Pitman Center is not just a cluster of hallways and rooms — it is a home, our Student Media home.

This place, filled with memories and history, is also filled with our favorite people.

Our time in the office — the long hours, days and nights — has been spent with what quickly became our closest friends. These are the people that make every experience one to remember.

The seniors leaving Student Media this year have impacted our lives more than we ever expected, and our experience would not be the same without them or their wisdom.

During our Student Media tenure, the seniors have instilled within us a zest for storytelling, for learning and, simply, for living.

Everyday, we see first-hand their enthusiasm for even the smallest of things — the meetings, the editing and the production nights. Yet, no matter how mundane or stressful the task may seem, they never fail to connect personally with the writers, the designers and, most importantly, the readers.

But, above everything else, their passion for journalism and writing is what keeps Student Media moving forward — it keeps all of us moving forward.

In college, it can be easy to stick with one club or group, and although Student Media is an important aspect of their lives, they have branched out beyond our tucked away office. They have ignored the norm that all journalists must be traditional journalists. Their desire to breathe life into others’ stories and a never ending curiosity for knowledge is what drove them to walk to the edge of campus, climb three flights of stairs and step foot in a place they would eventually call home in the first place.

As the seniors fly from the office nest for new careers, experiences and opportunities, we are reminded of just how talented and versatile they are, as well as how much we will miss them.

They have taken every chance and opportunity, and plan to go out into the world eager to learn and grow, fostering that same belief in each of us. We cannot wait to see what they achieve beyond their undergraduate years.

Although they will be scattered across the map, there will always be a place for them within the four walls of the Student Media office. And even though this new chapter in their lives will bring about new and exciting adventures, we hope they will remember where the adventure really began.

Without them, it will be up to us, the younger generation of Student Media, to further the prior legacy of our graduating seniors, all the while creating one of our own. So, to say we have big shoes to fill is an understatement.

Olivia Heersink and Hailey Stewart can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu

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