Thrill of the hunt


“Horizon: Zero Dawn” is a massive adventure

Despite being populated with menacing robotic dinosaurs, the post apocalyptic world depicted in “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” the latest PlayStation exclusive game from developer Guerilla is beautiful.

The game brags on its graphics: ruins of buildings and cars among massive jungles, hidden bunkers that hide advanced armor sets and numerous opportunities to take in the scenic views omnipresent in this colossal open world.

Thousands of years into the future, Earth is infested with robotic machines of unknown origin, who roam the lands while mankind has reverted to their primitive ways.

The game’s story unfolds when Aloy, a determined young woman cast out from her tribe, sets out to conquer the Proving, a ritual to grant her the privilege to rejoin the tribe. But when tragedy strikes the ritual, Aloy must set out on a dangerous mission to find answers and seek revenge.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” goes the extra mile to make sure players are never bored. The open world is absolutely massive with an abundance of quests for the player to craft their own adventure — if they can stop staring at the gorgeous graphics.

The activities in the game present a wide range of choices for the player with multiple ways to approach missions. There’s genuine strategy involved with every encounter, resembling a hunt where preparation is half the battle.

“Horizon” presents a great deal of challenges to the player. This game takes serious skill. For players who aren’t used to these types of games, it’ll be a culture shock when they die. Adding to the challenge is the lack of autosave.

Gamers must manually save their game at campfires spread throughout the world, forcing them to think carefully about when they want to stop and save. And fast travel throughout the game’s land costs in game currency, so players must always scavenge for precious resources.

Driving the game forward is its colorful protagonist Aloy, who is tough to not empathize with. As tough as she is, there’s still a vulnerable side to her, showcased by early levels set during her childhood. She’s less like “Tomb Raider’s” Lara Croft and more like “Star Wars’” Rey.

Beneath “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s” gorgeous visage lies a classic heroine and some of the most jaw dropping moments gamers have experienced. It is a game all PS4 owners should own and should sell tons of consoles for gamers who are drooling over it.

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