Spring break safety — The key to a successful break includes a safe and responsible atmosphere


It’s finally reached that point in the semester — the time when the focus of students shifts from midterms and essays to sandy beaches and abundant sunshine.

Spring break provides an opportunity for students at the University of Idaho to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of academic life as they prepare for the final stretch of the semester.

Despite negative stereotypes like raunchy partying and binge-drinking, spring break can serve as a chance for students to let loose in a secure and responsible manner.

Whether travel plans include an exotic destination such as Cancun, or a regional locale like Spokane, here are several tips that can help provide a safe and fun environment for vacationers.


Although it may be tempting to drive away from campus at the speed of light, the ever-persistent winter weather could produce dangerous road conditions. This is especially true for students traveling to the Boise region, as the high altitude near McCall has produced slick highways in recent weeks.

In this situation, nearly everyone would agree that it is better to reach the final destination a few minutes late, rather than spending the afternoon in a hospital bed.

For those traveling internationally, it is important to relay flight and hotel information to family and friends. Frequent check-ins with these individuals will also let them know if an emergency has arisen or if the trip is going smoothly.

Social life

Safety at bars and nightclubs has always been key for college students, but this aspect should be emphasized even more for those visiting another city.

As rudimentary as it sounds, implementing a buddy system can provide a protective and reliable atmosphere. Whether the schedule includes a night on the town or a quick run for fast food, a partner’s presence can provide extra peace of mind.


Let’s be real — the chances of sipping a margarita or two during spring break are fairly high. But like all good things, alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation.

One drink per hour serves as a suitable guideline for those who want to avoid a pesky hangover, but many individuals know their limit. Despite the temptation to enter a tequila-chugging competition, it is better to spend the night with a slight buzz — not a blackout experience.

In addition, students should remember to never leave their drinks unattended. Even if the atmosphere seems casual and intimate, someone’s true intentions might still be hidden.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun and letting loose after a stressful round of midterms, but a safe and responsible environment will help students fully appreciate their experience as they deepen relationships and create lasting memories.

Josh Grissom can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho.edu or on Twitter @GoshJrissom

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